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  1. Pretty sure radiation is a resistance based armor versus energy which is defense based. I tend to favor resistance on brutes and tankers as they can best take advantage of it and they don’t have to worry about catastrophic defense failure while they’re the center of attention. Also, if you’re worried about fast attacks, rad also has a recharge toggle which increases with the number of enemies around, which can only help.
  2. I think the lack of katana brutes is more a conceptual thing; it’s generally considered a more elegant weapon. It should work fine with parry stacking with the da -to hit. I was selfish and went fighting pool, but the endurance isn’t a big issue once you address it with incarnates or set bonuses.
  3. What’s your accuracy at now? My understanding is that focused accuracy works a bit differently than +to hit powers, but I don’t feel confident enough in my understanding to explain how. If you’re tighter for slots than power choices it might be worthwhile, as I think the bonus is roughly equivalent to an accuracy in a power.
  4. You’re not finding a build because /kin is considered underwhelming for MMs. At best you’re figuring 20% recharge increase from siphon speed, if you can keep it up all the time. So if you’re only doing it for recharge, you’re better off going with another set. As to how effective a fulcrum shifted gang war is, I couldn’t tell you. My experience with gang war is that it’s best used as a damage mitigation tool.
  5. Shoulung

    AE Farm

    The biggest damage gain is burn from fa. I made the mistake of leveling a spines/dark thinking it was the damage auras, but they’re nothing compared to burn’s output.
  6. It’s all feeling pretty safe so far, I’ve just been having some end issues from spamming the low damage immob aoe and my two single target attacks. SB will help with recovery so that’ll be nice. I picked up the two attacks out of the willpower pool, but they still feel a bit sluggish. Think I might just feel a bit spoiled with my 50 plant/thorn dom, who cleared minions and LTs pretty easily.
  7. I’m surprised you’re finding AVs so easy on your/rad; my necro/rad had to get the envenomed daggers temp power to take down the clockwork king, though I didn’t have any of the pet aura IOs and everything wasn’t fully slotted yet, so that might have made the difference.
  8. I’d say a /rad and/storm would both be useful for helping us where we’re currently weakest; doing damage. Getting pets will also help with that too I’m sure.
  9. Not going to make it tonight folks; late dinner.
  10. I’m sure we’ll be fine, just takes out my biggest damage boost to the group.
  11. Also, don’t think /storm is considered all that strong against AVs; not enough debuffing.
  12. Just wanted to say I find this aoe pulsing hold to be a useful form of damage mitigation, as you can pretty much ignore minions while focusing down bosses and LTs. I don’t run more than -1x1 because I’m more focused on merits, but most times I don’t even need to debuff, just let the choking cloud do its thing.
  13. Shoulung


    I imagine trying to solo AVs in lower level content would be a struggle considering the lack of dps , considering the struggles I’ve had with my/dark and/rad MMS, with their respectable debuffing abilities.
  14. Some strange choices in the later levels. Either bonfire or a toggle shield would be of more benefit than combat jumping, for instance.
  15. My statement was meant for the OP.
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