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  1. Shoulung


    Hadn’t really thought about the healing aspect; maybe pairing sonic with one of the healing primaries (bots/necro) might be better, though bots would fall behind for me because of their ranged aspect. I think being able to place the-res toggle on yourself would be a huge improvement for sonic.
  2. A monster based MM with werewolves, vampires and maybe a golem would be cool.
  3. Shoulung


    No, but it should work well with your tank to carry your debuff toggle.
  4. Demon/sonic will make it easier to cap your resistance, but I’d go thugs just because you have a minion that will reliably go into melee combat (T3 tank) to keep mobs in your-res toggle. If that’s not one of the main powers you’re picking the set up for, then you might consider thermal instead, as it’s a more complete all around set with a heal and quick recharging debuffs. All sorts of ways to skin the cat though.
  5. Only thing I might add is that dark can be a bit endurance heavy.
  6. My elec/elec has been my favorite dom so far.
  7. Dark and sonic would keep your MMs alive better. For a third MM I’d go with rad as I find their buffs the most useful for hard targets as they travel with the enemy.
  8. That’s interesting, as speed itfs result in my pets spending most of it dead, and the same for many of the other end game TFs, to the point where I’m a debuffer/buffer/healer on my MMs. Mind you, I’ve never been kicked because I wasn’t bringing a full team of minions with me; but maybe the people on my server just aren’t wound that tightly.
  9. I have a new 50 demons/thermal and while the pets are pretty tough, I’m not, even with tough/weave/maneuvers/scorpion shield. I’ve got a dark/rad that does pretty well in melee range, thanks to its pbaoe hold toggle, that pretty much locks up minions. I think time also provides that as well. I do think that rad solos better against AVs than time, because AVs like to run and rad debuffs are a toggle. They both have a pbaoe hold though, and time probably outperforms in general content. Sonic has more defense than thermal but no heal, which would be a good reason to pair with necro, for the single target heal.
  10. Pretty sure radiation is a resistance based armor versus energy which is defense based. I tend to favor resistance on brutes and tankers as they can best take advantage of it and they don’t have to worry about catastrophic defense failure while they’re the center of attention. Also, if you’re worried about fast attacks, rad also has a recharge toggle which increases with the number of enemies around, which can only help.
  11. I think the lack of katana brutes is more a conceptual thing; it’s generally considered a more elegant weapon. It should work fine with parry stacking with the da -to hit. I was selfish and went fighting pool, but the endurance isn’t a big issue once you address it with incarnates or set bonuses.
  12. What’s your accuracy at now? My understanding is that focused accuracy works a bit differently than +to hit powers, but I don’t feel confident enough in my understanding to explain how. If you’re tighter for slots than power choices it might be worthwhile, as I think the bonus is roughly equivalent to an accuracy in a power.
  13. You’re not finding a build because /kin is considered underwhelming for MMs. At best you’re figuring 20% recharge increase from siphon speed, if you can keep it up all the time. So if you’re only doing it for recharge, you’re better off going with another set. As to how effective a fulcrum shifted gang war is, I couldn’t tell you. My experience with gang war is that it’s best used as a damage mitigation tool.
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