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Temp/Prestige/Power pool attacks alternate animation


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I hate asking but I need to ask.


Would it be possible to migrate some attacks over to different animations, like weapons. 


E.G. Black Wand and Nemesis Staff along with the New Force of Will along with even maybe sorcery to a Guns, Staves, Wands, Hands.  

It would just help for thematic and concept reasons.  


It would just open up a slew of concepts to character creation beyond just the costume of the character. 



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I was thinking about this as well, though i would take it a step further, and have eceryone get a free power toggle that literally just summons a weapon to your hand and adds options under the costume editor and power custom screen to choose a weapon  and gives you an option to let you cast tour power "through" that weapon. So like you could choose a wand and your blasts or holds or whatever would be cast through the wand.

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