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So I was off to rescue Waylon McCrane for the hundredth time (no really, probably about 100 times by now) when I noticed something seemed askew with the area around the mission door.  I could make out what looked like an NPC so I investigated.  Upon closer inspection I found Gloryhound.


Behold - Gloryhound




I dragged some Tuatha up to her to see what would happen.  Out came the Claws and started with the Claws attacks.


Clicking doesn't cause any interaction.  On a lark I logged on a character with Geas to see if any of those badges would allow an interaction but no.


Does anyone know the story with Gloryhound?  Is this a Halloween thing or has she always been there and I've never noticed?  Searching for "Gloryhound" yielded no results here nor on Paragonwiki.

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