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How to create walls that match the exterior walls of the base?

Evangeline Blue

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I have an area in my base, a doorway, to be precise, that has a walkway going through it, high on the wall.   I would like to close off the doorway at both ends with walls.  Preferably I would like these walls to look like walls.   If possible, like the base walls, if not, then, at least to not have awkward lines in them.    I've tried cabinets and such, but, they don't quite look right.   I've done some research and I want to avoid issues where I have too many items in the base and crash someone out of the game, since the base is meant to be used, after all.


So, what am I missing that I have to use that would make a wall and not be...not wall looking?





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I am not getting a mental picture of the problem, so I will speak in generalities. 

First of all, doorways may be removed. It sounds like this is what you’d want, since you want to wall over both ends of it. 

Secondly, anything can be a wall. Rotate a floor, or use a larger piece to make the wall. I have a whole video on just walls,  as well as others, like commands. 

Unfortunately, there aren’t any walls or wall pieces that look like the base walls, although with some patience, sometimes it can be simulated for some walls, to a degree.


If this doesn’t help, perhaps I could take a look and see what it is you need.



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If I'm interpreting this correctly: You want a placeable item that closely resembles the exterior, 'Pick Style'-option base walls. Yep, been there! Unfortunately the best way to handle this, at least for me, seems to be to restrict your base style choices to options that resemble placeable items, and there's nothing that matches perfectly... sucks, but such is the life of the base builder. 


Suggestions for stylistic matches - tab indicated in brackets:


These pieces are tintable!:

-[Tech] Praetorian Tech Mainframe 2 is a good tech piece for making walls

-[Tech] Praetorian Power Relay (Tintable) can be used to add more detail to pull things together.

-[Dividers] Brick Wall (small/medium/large) is a reasonable but imperfect match to the Dingy wall styles

-[Doors and Windows] Skylight 1, Skylight 2 work well to match the Factory and Industrial styles if the colors you're using are fairly light (you'll need to find another surface to use for the ceiling of your half-blocked passage though)


Tech Etched, Tech Powered, Tech Vents, Colored light blue:

-[Tech] Reinforced Storage

-[Tech] Large Reinforced Storage

-[Tech] Tech Balcony parts, rotated vertically - this matches the Tech Vents style particularly well, it has exactly the same 'vent' pattern! Use the bottom side for your walls.

-[Tech Power] Mega Monitor (inactive), turned so you're looking at the back

-[Tech] Tech Box (several!)

Slightly fancier options that still match the style:

-[Tech Power] Mainframe (inactive) - if this is blocking the top of a hallway turn it upside down

-[Tech Power] Generator Energy Curtain (inactive), rotated vertically to use the bottom face as the 'wall'

-[Tech Power] Terminal (inactive) - short and lacks bottom facing, but possibly good for covering gaps


Tech Etched, Tech Powered, Tech Vents, Colored dark blue:

-[Room Details] Lateral Files is your best friend! Again, flip upside down if you're blocking the top of a hallway.


Tech Vents, Tech Powered, High Tech (not numbered), Colored neutral gray:

-[Tech] Tech Mainframe, turned so the viewer sees the less detailed side


Any High Tech style, Colored neutral gray:

-[Villain Lairs] Mek Men Platform, turned vertically


Any Tech, High Tech, Factory, or Industrial style Colored black/dark gray:

-[Villain Lairs] Arachnos Balcony parts, especially if your secondary color is red (otherwise you can use other parts to cover the red parts but this can be fiddly). These pieces are often fairly complex and have different parts that match different styles better, so try playing with and rotating them.

-[Structure] Ledges Block Floor (several sizes available)


Arcane and Ancient styles:

-[Cityscape] Cemetery Wall 1,2,3 and Cemetery Path 7 match well if you tint the base walls with a medium-light blue to tone down the inherent yellowness of the Arcane and Ancient styles
-[Dividers] Stone Fence matches Arcane Bricks set at default neutral gray well and the Ancient styles set at a very desaturated light red to reduce the inherent greenness (hide the fence part)

-[Dividers] Wall Fence is the best match for the Arcane styles colored white

-[Dividers] Short Wall and Tall Wall (small, medium, large) can't ever perfectly match the colors inherent in the Ancient (unnumbered) wall but the diamond pattern is stylistically good with it

-[Arcane] Stone Platform has a flat side that almost perfectly matches the Arcane wall styles colored dark, saturated yellow-olive but will need something else to serve as a ceiling to cover the missing bottom face


Hirano and Miyuki styles:

-[Dividers] (Small,Medium,Large) Concrete&Wood and Short Wall pieces match these styles reasonably well when the wall primary color is set to a very light, saturated blue (to tone down the inherent yellow) and the secondary is a dark, saturated red-orange

-[Tech Power] Mainframe also works surprisingly well next to Miyuki style walls with primary colors set to medium-dark, saturated blue tones.



To supplement this and make your whole base coherent, I also recommend using a lot of whatever piece you use to block off segments of doorway to add embellishment elsewhere around the rooms. That way, the blocked part of the doorway doesn't look out of place even if it doesn't match perfectly.

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One further option is to simply add walls to large rooms by filling in the squares top to bottom. 


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