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Pirate Themed Base Any Suggestions


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Clearly this is an invitation for me to come steal all your rum.  Moar rum!


I think a pirate ship would be awesome, cannons, bridge, staterooms, salon, med bay and even brig for those kidnap victims.  Definitely a large galley for the rum (in barrels I presume). 


I have no idea how to go about this but would love pics when ya get something built!

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Fun theme! 😁


I actually have a base kind of like this theme started... just never finished it.  If you don't want to go for building a whole pirate ship, you might want to consider something different but still within the pirate theme.  Not sure if you follow the Curse of Oak Island on History channel (if not, check it out!) - you might enjoy building your own version of a "pirate treasure island".  Excellent theme to use a combo above and below base for building... build your island on top of the base surrounded by water and have various treasure pits that are entrance ways into underground treasure vaults.   Build out a couple of slipways coming to the island using the dock pieces and sailing ship available in the editor.



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You have a bit to work with. Water, Docks and fish/sharks and we now a pirate Ship in the Base Builder I think. I would try for a Island Theme.


Also I bet you could use a lot of the CoT stuff for a Pirate Base.

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