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Plant / Storm leveling

Glow Worm

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Hi there,


I'm leveling a Plant/Storm controller. This is my first controller ever, usually I play blasters, and I'm finding the leveling process a bit slow. I'm playing a controller because I really want to experience the controller archetype in a team, I certainly don't enjoy the solo experience so far though. 


Any advice for getting up in level? I guess I'm about level 12 now, and it's starting to feel like a drag. Everyone I see posting looking for a team is looking for level 50. Do people group up while leveling any more?



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I think most trollers can best be described as having "moderate damage", especially this combination.   You will never be able to solo content as efficiently as say a scrapper or brute.   Having said that, it does get better at higher levels.   Also, trollers tend to shine more on teams than solo.

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Here is a basic cookie cutter recipe to get your character up in level relatively quickly:


Level 1 - 14

Hang out in Atlas Park. Join any Death from Below instances. If no one seems to be running one, start your own. Often there are several people waiting around for someone else to start one. Do this mission 3 times, collecting the following bonus powers:

  • Accuracy (always get this first)
  • Damage (second)
  • Recovery (third unless you were having endurance issues; then take it second and Damage third)


To make this segment run as fast as possible, load up whatever AoE power you have (in your case, Roots) with the 5 damage procs from the P2W vendor.



Level 14-ish

Run Positron's Task Force. You may have to initiate one if no one else is running it. Completing Part 1 takes about an hour and provides 11 merits.


Convert these merits into salvage to sell on the Auction House. Enhancement Converters (special salvage) usually net a good price. This will provide you with around 3 million influence and get you to the early 20s in level.



Level 20 -22

Be on the lookout for team events. Positron 2 can be a good option if you can get one started. You can do DiB (Drowning in Blood) but to be honest I find this mission dull and don't enjoy running it. It does provide some access to extra damage, accuracy and recovery though, so if you can get on one it may be worth it.


At 22, start buying Invention enhancements for your slots, using the money you made from selling merits earned from Positron.



Level 22 - 35

In this level range you should keep your eye on the Looking for Group channel to see what is going on. Note you can create a tab devoted specifically to this channel by right clicking the chat window and adding a new tab. 



Level 35+

The ideal Task Force to find yourself on is the Imperious Task Force (ITF). Running this with x2 XP will generally get you 3 to 4 levels out of it, plus more merits. To be eligible to join, you need the Midnighters Badge. It's extremely easy to get. Visit the Night Ward zone. You warp into an area with a hedge maze with a big house at the middle. Enter the front door of this house. Badge awarded!


You won't always be able to find ITFs. Other good events to run are the LGTF (Lady Grey Task Force) and MSR (Mothership Raid).



You should, of course, vary up your gameplay experience. The point is to have fun.


As a special note for you as a /Storm, you will want to get KB to KD IOs for Tornado as soon as possible. That power is a game changer. The IO will cost around 2-3 million. Its a good a idea to try to place bids for it before you get the power so you can slot it as soon as possible.

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Also, there is a an plant troll team that runs on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Excelsior, and you are welcome to join that to gain some levels.  We are currently running at level 30ish in Croatoa, so you'd get mad xp on the team.  It is all plant trolls, though, so it won't be much good for figuring out how to troll on a more traditional team. 

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