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Nostalgia time! (screenshot thread, long!)


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I've been spending a lot of time in my old screenshots, getting nostalgic, and I thought some of these would be worth sharing, especially ones from the earlier days of the game. Let's see!



Herding the last room of the Eden trial! This was the first time I'd ever seen herding done. Needless to say, I was impressed.



These old launch contacts can be really bad. You earned your spot in MMO hell that day, Tyler French. Also, that old character of mine! I'm still not good at coming up with names, but at least I've stopped simply stealing characters wholesale...



My to-be-main Invul/SS Tanker was looking mighty shiny after getting Forted, so I decided to take a screenshot. I didn't even have Rage yet! How adorable!



These wolves aren't gray or anything. Issue 3 Invincibility was crazy strong, you guys.



This was a weird bug! Having the Undead Slaying Axe out and activating Unyielding would make your character do the Council Ascendant shield animation instead of the right one. As I understand it, the game's animation system doesn't just go "play animation X!", it's more like the power will say "Hey, play that one animation, you know, where the character does this woo woo p'shew thing," and the client will go "you mean this one?" and sometimes the client doesn't get the right animation.



Found a bit of a celebrity working as a cop in Paragon City. Check out that old-ass Atlas Medallion icon in my status bar!



AFAIK you can still do this in the game. If you rescue citizens being mugged, while flying up high so they can't reach you to thank you, you can eventually amass quite the fan club.



The end of the City of Villains beta! We're currently waiting for the expected Dev invasion...



Dogpile on Statesman! Look at that cheater, he somehow took his primary and secondary powers in reverse order.



Positron and Sister Psyche are next! What are those powers in my status bar? Cathedral of Pain buffs, maybe?



This was when I finally beat the Dr. Quaterfield TF! The timestamp on the screenshot says I stayed up past 3:30 am for that bastard.



Witches in fiction are often ugly, but this was unexpected...



Found Sally in an unusual spot...



The last mission of the Sara Moore TF! With the exception of Dr. Quaterfield, I love everything about the Shadow Shard. It's a crying shame we never got more content related to it.



This Fake Nemesis looks very surprised to have been defeated. With Rage and Fort, my Tanker has finally achieved maximum glow!



I'm pretty sure I was just trying to take a screenshot of my jetpack here. I wasn't expecting my teammate to make a guest appearance!



This is the only screenshot I have of the Rikti pre-i10, in the middle of the OG sewer trial. Check out the surfboard swords!



This was a fun day on the test server. For a little while Gauntlet was bugged to make every Tanker melee attack have a 5-target AoE, so I thought I'd send some Hellions skydiving with Knockout Blow.



A bug and a misspelling in one newspaper, a twofer!



The Parallel Illusions. They seem to be pretty well known, but this was somehow my first and only encounter with them. I'm sure they had members at Hami raids that I somehow missed.



This Toxic Tarantula fell off the walkways in Grandville and its AI broke, making it stand still long enough for this picture!



This is the kind of quality content you miss out on playing exclusively blue side.






This is the building that used to be in Talos where the Wentworth's is now. I have more of these, but I have decided to refrain from posting nine more screenshots of buildings.



When they changed the FX for Brute Invulnerability to make them more villainous, I decided to make a costume for my Energy/Invul Brute to take advantage of it. Of course, it would be quite a while before i16 would let me turn the pom-poms black as well.



Hitting 50 on my Mind/Psi Dominator! This was the first time I hit 50 by dropping a newspaper mission in front of the statues in Portal Court or Grandville, something I would do for the rest of my characters to hit 50, but I had several 50s already when I started this tradition. Hopefully I get the chance to get those screenshots for them in Homecoming!



The "Matrix" room in Peregrine! Anyone know if you can still get there? I'm sure the original hole in the map that allowed it has long been filled.



Those force fields in outdoor instances are like flypaper, man.



This was another weird bug; you could get the ghost ship to follow you by going into a specific spot in the bow. I'm not sure the bug really comes across in the screenshots I took of it, though.



This level of panic seems a bit much for a fight with a single Crey scientist.



Finding a genuine GM in the wild! My buddy and I were quite awestruck.



This Tsoo wanted me to paint him like one of my French girls, but instead I arrested him.



The 3-year anniversary dance party! Synapse was kind enough to give me a custom yellow title after much nagging, and you might even spot a familiar face from the official forums to my left.



I'm playing my Emp/Psi Defender here, which is not a build that lacks knockback, but I'm still a little stumped as to how that guy got up there.



Rikti invasion! Everyone panic!



Waiting to get into Ouroboros for Sister Psyche and Manticore's wedding! I think that blonde guy in the center is Castle. We were so badly behaved; everyone wanted to get in and crowded around, and he tried using Force Bubble to keep us from doing that, but everyone just ran into it anyway.



In Ouroboros for the wedding itself. You can just barely see Positron in his armor and tuxedo jacket. The lag here was so bad.



Streakbreaker, you failed me! It's not supposed to be possible to miss twice in a row with capped ToHit.



Another bug; for a while, mobs with unique weapons were holding them in a reverse grip. I think for Scirocco it actually kind of worked.



Poor cyclops just wants a hug.



My successful Master of Statesman's Task Force team! This took almost a month of attempts to get.



A crazy bug. This mission spawned a bunch of Longbow Wardens from minion to EB-class, all with no powers. I assume it had to do with some Mission Architect wires getting crossed, since issue 14 was on the horizon at this point, and they probably had laid some groundwork behind the scenes.



This is something you could see if you used the /architect command inside an AE arc you were testing. Of course, you can't do that any more (possibly for the same reason you can't use the Auction House in missions or bases?).



Sometimes these random missions will produce objectives that don't... entirely make logical sense. (For those who don't get the joke, Baron Zoria is the founder of the Circle of Thorn.)



An homage I made to a classic piece of forum history.



An incredible bounty, dropped off a single lieutenant. Also, I'm finally playing on a widescreen monitor.



Trying out the new Ionic Judgement on the test server, and finding a potential issue. The real interesting part is the conversation I'm having about it with a familiar name.



A bit of dual-boxing fun in the new tutorial.



Did you guys know that Kick from the Fighting pool lets you become Dhalsim?



Lastly, a new one! Like I said in the picture of my Mind/Psi, I missed the chance to get a screenshot of hitting 50 with my older characters, but here's my second chance, hitting 50 with my remade main on Torchbearer. I hope I have the chance to get these screenshots with every character I missed the first time.


Do you guys have any good old screenshots you want to share? I crave that nostalgia, so if you've got pictures of old stuff, like for example the Rikti pre-revamp, the old load screens, or the old accolade powers, share 'em up!.

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