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[For Fun] More Build Up / Aim / Confront Variants?

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Each attack set has it's own version of Build Up / Aim, some with a different name but with the same mechanics under the hood (Ex: Focus Chi for Martial Arts). Though, some variants actually are different, such as Build Momentum in TW which trades raw +Damage for +Momentum, or /Time's Chronos which trades 20% of a damage boost for +Recharge. This came up when talking about Elec Blast in another thread where I found that Aim could be redesigned for the set to help pad out some of it's shortcomings. Taking a note from the other examples, Aim in Elec Blast could become "High Voltage", boosting Endurance Manipulation stats in your elec attacks, and/or +Rech, in exchange for less +ToHit than standard Aim. 


While the classic BU / Aim are staples and fine as-is, if given the chance what other sets could benefit from using them as unique self-boosts and not just strict "big Damage / ToHit buffs"? I think MA getting a return on End, or an End Discount when using Focus Chi would be nice for one, Amplify in Sonic Attack is another where the name doesn't quite fit "Aim Clone" to me though what it'd do otherwise escapes me.


This could also apply to "Confront" powers! Nearly every Melee set has Confront if not just a straight up Taunt power, and looking at the numbers they are some of the most skipped powers period. What if they got some polish as well? For example, Broad Sword's could be changed to "Duel" where you challenge a single target and increase your damage and ToHit very slightly. Street Justice's could simply give you a free combo meter, Psy Melee's could debuff the foe somehow, and so on.


What else could we think up? What sets would probably be best with the standards?

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wow i love this idea! i find that aim/build up works fine on their own but i tend to have so many other things happening in my rotation that behind the initial salvo they see little use. Id like to flesh this idea out a little if you dont mind:


Blasters: I love the idea of the secondary effects being enhanced as an active power but how about a passive addition.

for example, Blaster martial combat is a passive, granted its nowhere near as good as BU/A but i dont have to think about using it in the middle of combat.

In the interest of specializing each power we can make some other adjustments

for example, DP is a close ranged set compared to AR so lets reward that daring blaster who engages in close range. For DP u get a dmg bonus for close ranged encounters the closer you are the better your damage and for AR the opposite would be true. 

For the sets that the secondary is already reliable such as rad/sonic we can have the BU/A perform the opposite function to give blasters an extra debuff

for example, for Rad BU/A boost effect would reduce resists and for sonic is would reduce defense.

so lets see for Fire: Boost length of time target is on fire for 10 seconds + increased dmg based for close range?
                Archery: Chance to knockdown for 10 seconds + increased dmg based on distance.

                       AR: Accuracy bonus + increased dmg based on distance.

                       BR: Boost disintegration time 10 seconds +increased dmg based for close range?

                       DB: Small chance to inflict terror status for 10 seconds+  increased dmg based on distance.

                       DP: Causes bleed effect for 10 seconds + increased dmg based for close rang?

         Electric Blast: increased chance to siphon endurance with each attack for 10 seconds+ increased dmg based on distance.

         Energy Blast: this one is tough i wanna say increased knockback but i think if i do ill get jumped + increased dmg based on distance.

                 IceBlast: Doubles Slow effects for 10 seconds + increased dmg based on distance.

                         PB: chance to inflict random status condition (terror, confuse, blind) for 10 seconds + increased dmg based on distance.

                         RB: Adds a resist debuff to attacks for 10 seconds  + increased dmg based for close range

                         SB: Adds a defense debuff to attacks for 10 seconds + increased dmg based for close range

           Water Blast: Chance to choke targets for 10 seconds + increased dmg based for close range


ok so the RED part of the skill is the action that happens when u click the skill and the WHITE part is passive and occurs regardless. i can do other AT's if this idea seems interesting.

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Its easy to criticize a suggestion but can you suggest an alternative?

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