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The Grim Vale RP Group


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The Grim Vale


The Grim Vale is a new, small, Heavy RP group (meant here as “serious, serial-based stories”) starting on the Everlasting shard of the Homecoming server.  The setting is Croatoa.  We’ll have characters who operate, live, or are based on the lore of the region, or characters that work well with the group’s themes.  These themes can be:


  •         HORROR   (scary/spooky/gothic.  some monsters, or gore.)
  •         MAGIC  (mythology, wizards, the afterlife, supernatural, weirdness)
  •         DRAMA  (characters who are flawed, beset within the Croatoan War storyline)


This isn’t a “group” in the classic sense-- there’s no logo or team name.  Just characters who know each other, and deal with each other, interacting.


We’re starting things off lowkey: no pressure on activity.  RP because you want to.


There will be a base, but players will be encouraged to have on-map RP in-world within Croatoa.



  •     Characters built around (or for) sex, ERP, etc.  While this group not anti-ERP, we don’t wanna see it, or know about it.
  •     Overpowered, God-like, deux ex machina, Mary Sue.  If you want a check on this, ask.



  •     People who are active, creative, and able to be improvisational.
  •     People who are comfortable being away from Pocket D.  We don’t care if you’re there, but don’t ALWAYS be there.
  •     Players willing to take initiative and craft-up happenings and activities on the fly, without waiting for someone else to do it.


>> NOTE:

No OOC (“out of character”) assholes.  No OOC bullshit. In-character drama is great; OOC drama however, it can kill a good group.  Disputes can be settled with the leadership, and let’s actually try to not sink the whole group with it.  OOC bullshit also includes: saying genuinely offensive things about ethnicity, gender, sexuality. We should respect each other.



If you’re not sure if your character or idea fits, just ask.  For any questions, contact @Tipsy in-game, or Tipsy#0660 on Discord.  Email, /tell, DM are all okay.



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I may actually have someone who suits this group...

I recently completely reworked a relatively low-level existing character, and the person she ended up becoming could work pretty well with them. 

She's even from Salamanca. XD


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So I'm already in another group that I don't want to leave on my main, but as it happens he's a Croatoa resident who's lived there for much of his long life and I'm always up for Moar Magic RP, especially if it's out in public. Hit me up sometime if you need an immortal teleporting librarian.

Character portrait artist for hire, PM for details!

Commissions: Closed, Sorry

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