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Leandro's thing is just for loading on personal servers, not onto Homecoming.



"The secure laptop in the lab. A prototype plasma hand cannon. Four quantum grenades, a phase field generator, a handful of tracking devices, Rauth's briefcase, body armor, a satellite phone, two SSDs, a Beretta 9mm, and my lunch."

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I too used SG & VG Base demorecords from the old COH to import those bases, intact, into Paragon Chat.


I would really love to be able to do so here.  Is the problem with that the difference between the Homecoming Servers and the Paragon Chat client?

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I have a few bases on Resurgence I'd love to see here. Personally, I'd be fine if the Homecoming team wishes to delay any demo record porting over in order to be fair to those who did not have the fortune of making it onto the original server and allow for people to experiment with the new base system awhile longer, but I also feel like some people deserve to be able to show off their works to a larger public. I have a friend who made some bases that put some of the in game zones to shame.

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