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Two-ish General Questions


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Is there a cap to the -resistance an enemy/AV can take?

Or exactly how much one character can stack it? Is there a difference between if 3 different Sonic Defenders put Sonic Siphon on an AV vs if 1 Sonic Defender does it 3 times within the duration of the first cast?


Separately, are the damage numbers for the Ice Blast set correct? Both in game and in Mids, it says that Freeze Ray and Bitter Freeze Ray do more damage than Ice Blast and Bitter Ice Blast. That just seems...weird. BFR I could maybe understand because of the cast time, so it would do more damage, but still. Why are the single target holds in a ranged damage set doing more damage than their single target Damage counterparts?


Thanks in advance for any input!

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So, I believe that damage resist debuff has a Max of -300 on NPCs. It may have been changed, but on live that was the max. Concerning stacking, that gets trickier as there are a few rules


Same debuff, same caster may or may not stack


Same or different debuff from different casters I have seen usually stack, unless notes in power


Now, you're up against an NPCs max resist, which can reach 200% in some cases (ralaruu boss?) And then the NPCs debuff resistance.




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Following up on @SwitchFade's post, the limits page on ParagonWiki answers some of the questions, but the summary is already in the thread. The other thing to consider is that resistance will reduce the effectiveness of (resistable) resistance debuffs: as an example, if something has 90% resistance and gets hit with a 20% resistance debuff, it only applies a -2% resistance debuff and the target ends up at 88% (unless they were over 90% prior to the debuff and only at 90% due to the cap, in which case you knock 2% off of the number, then cap it at 90% if it's still higher). That amounts to taking an extra 20% damage, though, because they go from taking 10% of the incoming damage to 12% of the incoming damage.


Most resistance debuffs don't stack from the same source, instead replacing the effect and extending the duration. The trick there is "from the same source"; since some powers use a pet summon ("pseudopet") to create the effect (Sleet, Freezing Rain, Tar Patch, etc.) then each pet counts as a separate source and it will stack.

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The two single target holds in Ice Blast were given a damage buff due to the set not having a Snipe when the Snipe changes were made.

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