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Running several starting contacts at once works well


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I went to city hall and got missions from 3 contacts.  I did all 3 missions, then returned to city hall.  Since you have to go back to the contact for several missions before you get a phone, this was efficient and worked well.  I did accidentally get a patrol mission and dropped it.  


I think I will start doing that instead of Matthew for my starting missions. 

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Just getting double XP from the P2W vendor, because beginning inf is worthlessly minuscule anyway, and punching enemies in the face on the street is far more effective.

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1 hour ago, VileTerror said:

Yeeeeeah . . . I'd honestly like a fix to the Inf-per-level.  As it stands, the Inf rewards are so heavily weighted to level 50 only that it's essentially pointless to even try to earn Inf before then.  That seems terribly wrong-headed to me.

I don't care about earning influence.  Selling one rare salvage problem makes as much influence as all of the missions earn you.

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