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A secret love affair

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Whoops!  SPOILER ALERT!  I didn't even realize it!  Lol!


Can you see it?


[NPC] Lord Lorn: Who amongst my brave Knights shall face the Outsider?
[NPC] Eternal Guard: Not I.
[NPC] Eternal Guard: ...Too strong..
[NPC] Eternal Guard: Not me...
[NPC] Eternal Guard: She looks strong...
[NPC] Pendragon: I shall face the Outsider, my lord.
[NPC] Lord Lorn: Sir Pendragon, the honor is yours.
[NPC] Lord Lorn: Prepare yourself, Outsider, and let the Trail by Steel begin.

[NPC] Pendragon: The crucible of battle will leave only truth and ashes, which are you made of?
[NPC] Lord Lorn: This will be a welcome distraction.
[NPC] The Black Queen: Pendragon has never lost a duel.
[NPC] Pendragon: A fine hit.
[NPC] Lord Lorn: Pendragon. Enough toying with the Outsider. Begin the trial.
[NPC] The Black Queen: My Lord, what is he doing?
[NPC] Pendragon: As you wish, my lord.
[NPC] Lord Lorn: Observe, Brothers.
[NPC] The Black Queen: Pendragon, be careful.
[NPC] Pendragon: I should not have underestimated you.

[NPC] Lord Lorn: Sir Pendragon has a match on his hands.
[NPC] Lord Lorn: Magnificent. I have longed to see such combat for some time.
[NPC] The Black Queen: Pendragon!
[NPC] Lord Lorn: There is more to you than I suspected,


Edit: This is from the arc by Sir Bedwyr in Night Ward.

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It's all a Nemesis plot.  But not everything is a Nemesis plot!

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