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[QoL] Remove Auto-Cooldown on Identically-Owned Powers when Build-Swapping


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I would like to suggest the rules on automatic power-cycles when build-swapping to be tweaked. I understand the abuse that could come from completely removing the power-cycles, so I won't suggest getting rid of it completely. However, I would like to remove the rule for all powers that are shared between builds.


For example, if one build doesnt have Hasten, but the build I'm switching to has Hasten, then it's fair that switching to that build should require waiting for Hasten to recharge. But, if both builds have Hasten, then the build-swap should have no effect on that power. If Hasten is off-cooldown when the swap occurs, then it should remain off-cooldown. If Hasten is halfway recharged when the swap occurs, then it should still be halfway recharged after the swap.


Now, that is just a small example. The true QoL improvements come from the Very Long recharge powers, in particular Prestige powers and Incarnates (or powers like Afterburner or One with the Shield). It's frustrating to swap builds then see my Lore pets now on a 15 minute cooldown, or my self-rez power on a 60 minute cooldown. I already had them in my other build, why am I losing access? This hinders my ability to run content with others when I have to say, "Hey, sure I'll be able to tank for you, but can all 7 (or more) of you hang on for 15 minutes while my powers cooldown?". 

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