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  1. I believe Hover grants 100 movement control and movement friction, which is the max amount you can have. So nothing can add to it as you're already at the cap.
  2. That's not a bug, the patch notes state you get an upfront shield equivalent in strength to 5 stacks that lasts 10s. So you're seeing the big upfront shield plus the first tick from the absorb toggle. So if you look at the sequence you'll see. 0s: 5+1 = 6 stacks 2s: +1 = 7 stacks 4s: +1 = 8 6s: +1 = 9 8s: +1 = 10 10s: -5+1 = 6 12s: +1 = 7 14s: +1 = 8 16s: +1 = 9 18s: +1 = 10 20s: -1+1 = 10 22s: -1+1 = 10 and so on. You could have it changed where it stays at 5 stacks up front for the first 10s, then grows from there,
  3. Interesting, I wonder if fold space working in other forms is an oversight. Fold Space replaced Long Range Teleport and it wouldn't surprise me if that power had an exception for use in other forms. When redesigning that power, it wouldn't surprise me if an old setting wasn't updated.
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't you lose access to pool powers while in shape-shift form? If so, it makes sense that you can't build up a pool power attack as you essentially no longer have it.
  5. Can you reproduce this with Timestamps turned on in your combat log? You want the one that shows 24 hrs w/ seconds.
  6. I don't think it was a bug, it was mostly the impact on Role Playing. Walk suppressed everything, including your inherent. So things like Panacea would stop procing green numbers over your head. So it sounds like it needs more time to flesh out all the impacts for changing walk. Hopefully it's in Page 3 because I also liked the changes.
  7. You need to slot speed enhancements so that Infiltration will have the highest value and the flipping should stop. Two prints is normal. One of those is the unenhanceable speed effect, the other is the enhanceable speed effect. If you slot sprint with a speed enhancement you'll see one of those numbers increase.
  8. It swapping back and forth seems odd. I'm guessing you haven't enhanced Infiltration, so two powers with same buff values might be wonky in the new collective stacking system. As for endurance, that is a drawback, you will have to remember to detoggle powers (or not use it since it's not adding anything).
  9. Thanks for providing the combat logs. It's very helpful to review what you are seeing. First thing to address: "You feel Arcane Power crackle at your fingertips.". This is the combat message you'll see when your chance to proc AP increases. So if you had a X% chance before that, it will now be X+10% chance going forward. Second thing: "Arcane Power bursts through your body!". This is the combat message you'll see when you proc AP. This is the time at which you'll get AB to recharge and it will do its Arcane crit. Here it looks like you activated AB and it p
  10. https://cod.uberguy.net/html/modifiers-table.html From the dropdown menu on the left side, select ranged_heal
  11. That was intended. The power now uses the Ranged_Heal modifier table (so defenders will offer the strongest buff). The version on Beta does 0.2 scale absorb every 2s, and each absorb tick lasts 20s. So at its max, the Absorb will cap at 2 scale. For a level 50 defender, that max would be 267.724 (before enhancements/buffs). For a level 50 Blaster (and many other ATs), that will be 192.7614.
  12. It really isn't random as you'll know when it's ready to do double damage. It's not like a scrapper where you might get the crit, you'll know with certainty if you'll get the crit. It's just a matter of when that crit will be ready that is somewhat random (you'll reach a point where the chance hits 100+%).
  13. Maybe. It depends if the private server uses the same commands as Homecoming to grant enhancements. It also would require the server to use the same naming convention for enhancements (if you try using any enhancements that are HC only, it likely won't work). You'll also need the private server's directory to have the same set up as Homecoming. ,The functions asks for where the HC directory is then drops the pop menu into the subfolder its supposed to be*
  14. That sounds right, recall Invisibility was merged into Stealth (kinda like how Teleport Friend was merged into Teleport Foe). So now Stealth has Invisibility's old stealth radius (55 ft?) and old unsuppressed defense (7.5%?). When you lose your stealth, the defense gets suppressed to 1.875% (which is what Stealth does on Live). As for the bugginess, I'm not surprised but it's good to report that. And the 0 recharge is definitely odd to hear...if that's not in the patch notes that should get addressed. It might have been a blunder when converting Invisibility into a travel power (Infiltration),
  15. On Live, Flight has two toggles that are 0.65/sec. But Afterburner will be removed, and Evasive Maneuvers has already had its cost reduced from 0.52/sec to 0.26/sec. What about Enflame is broken? The details would help in fixing the problem. I disagree on the conclusion of Arcane Bolt is still a trash pick (it would help if there are details on why it's trash). The animation shaving now makes it an ok power to use in terms of DPA (not as good as a powerset attack, which a pool power shouldn't be), but with an avenue to only use it when it's ready for double damage makes
  16. You can turn it off after 15s. The decision to keep it on longer is a player choice.
  17. There seems to be a big fuss over a normal small sample polling. The folks who participated in that poll are the same folks participating in these forums so it's not exactly a separate source of input. It's not practical to poll absolutely everyone, even those who participate on the forums are not a majority of the game's population. So no matter where you perform a poll, it will always be a subset of the population. But that's fine, you take enough of a sample from the population and you get a general feel for preference. Folks also seem to be overreacting over the lack of context
  18. This is true for the live version. Now that it is a toggle instead of a click on a target, my guess is the first part no longer works. Based on the patch notes, the 2nd part should still work the same unless they changed something else and forgot to document it.
  19. One of the requirements for building momentum is to be on the ground, however sometimes the ground can be stubborn if there is undulation. Could that be playing a role in your experience, or are you seeing something else? If minor changes in elevation on the ground is going to trick the system, perhaps a larger tolerance could be used for Momentum build up.
  20. Enflame was incredibly bugged for that past ...year and a half? I'm curious what you were seeing, but here is a list of bugs you might have experienced. The default visual fx of Enflame was too small. You might have seen a fire patch that looked something like a 4 ft diameter (slight exaggeration?) when it was supposed to have a 16 ft diameter. This could have appeared as though it didn't do much of anything. The bright/dark fx of Emflame was bugged and did not show its continuing animation. This literally would look like it wasn't doing anything. The summ
  21. Great test. May I make a request for a 3 SO slotting in TP, SJ, Fly, and SS? Since TP uses a schedule B enhancement buff while the others use shedule A, I am curious how numbers shake out when at their ED cap (57% and 95%, iirc).
  22. It's also a misperception. I've been a closed beta tester for almost a year now, and things being released on closed beta is not being steered by closed beta testers. Testing for bugs/etc happen, and if their findings are significant enough that might steer the developers direction to something that will function appropriately or simply gets reverted before hitting open beta. But if anyone thinks a secret group of closed beta testers is pushing design choices, they are believing in a misguided fantasy. Closed beta is no different from open beta, other than there are a lot more technical bugs (
  23. I take Fold Space. Some take Burnout, but that's typically useful to only a few powersets. Many currently take Afterburner which will soon get Evasive Maneuvers (many will respec out of, but I'll be one of the ones respec'ing into it). The only one I think is somewhat universally not taken is Spring Attack, but that's mostly because it's been bugged forever (I think recently it was fixed or is fixed in Page 2).
  24. What's the difference, exactly? The T4 and T5 in flight pool have the same requirements. They both require 2 other Flight pool powers and both are available at level 14.
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