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It's just so amazing how *FREE* CoX is!?

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Just browsing through the Paragon wiki constantly reminds me of just how great we have it now!  I was looking for "Temporal Manipulation" on Blasters!  Lol!  Thank you for reviving such an enjoyable game!




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@Super Whatsit

Superbase passcode (Excelsior) is "passcode-6475"


It's all a Nemesis plot.  But not everything is a Nemesis plot!

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What amazed me is when it was still Sub only.


For the cost of a single movie, you could play for hours on end for an entire month. I found that to be a great bargain.


Granted Free is good too.



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Dislike certain sounds? Silence/Modify specific sounds. Looking for modified sounds? Check out Solerverse's thread.

Got a punny character? You should share it.

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