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Please help me decide my next alt

Bob the Painter

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Hey guys and gals,

I've been at homecoming a few months and have had a blast the whole time. Feel fairly comfortable with the game at this point, but I've only played a handful of ATs.


I played a controller first, but have since played mostly damage classes. I always love teaming with defenders, so I figure itd be good to try one out myself. 


I've browsed this forum a bit to get a sense of different combos. 


I feel like I would enjoy a debuffing style over the alternatives. Despite my relative lack of experience, I'd like to play a combo that is a little less common. Cold really interests me--both for it's strengths and vulnerabilities.


What I'm really torn over is what to pair it with. Sonic doesnt interest me thematically. I've read Beam Rifle can pair well with cold by debuffing Def and Res. However I've also seen that water can shore up some of the weaknesses of Cold.


Right now id like to make a Cold/Beam Def or a Water/Cold Corr. 


Do y'all have any input? What do you think would be more fun leveling? What about end game? Do you think one synergizes better?


Do you have any builds that use either combo that you think I might benefit from?


Thanks everyone in advance for being an awesome community. 

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6 hours ago, Bob the Painter said:

Right now id like to make a Cold/Beam Def or a Water/Cold Corr. 

Water/cold corruptor, you shore up the weaknesses of /cold with the water heal. My water/cold corruptor solos missions in cimorea on +4x8. You can stack sleet and heat loss for a lot of -res and then you also get perma soul drain and FF procs in water burst and geyser. Super fun to play.

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