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Server maintenance?


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It’s not just you.

There is (was) a server maintenance and a fix.
You can read a bit about it in this thread, in the announcements forum where one can find this sort of information.
It seems there was a red banner in the forums a while ago announcing it, and probably the same sort of thing in game, but I didn’t see it.


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1 minute ago, FatherNature36 said:

when is the server going to be back online because i want to play City of Heroes Rebirth, when is the maintenance going to be over.


None of the servers here are undergoing maintenance at the moment.


And the Homecoming servers, which is where you are now, aren't operated by the same people who run the Rebirth servers.  Perhaps you should ask the Rebirth team this question, if you're looking to play on the Rebirth servers?

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Get busy living... or get busy dying.  That's goddamn right.

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Since Rebirth is apparently under maintenance, this would be a great opportunity to log into Homecoming, roll a Illusion Dominator, and go ToTing with some of the finer denizens of HC.  

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Well, which is it, young feller?  You want I should freeze or get down on the ground?
If'n I freeze, I can't rightly drop.  And if'n I drop I'll be in motion.

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