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  1. « Telephone — Today at 12:13 PM » Does someone know in what timezone is that 12:13 PM ? Just to have an idea of the time this process is taking place. Keep going, Homecoming team ! (Take heart, folks suffering a withdrawal ! :o)
  2. Though it might not be entirely stable. *C3PO voice*
  3. Not a maintenance day and no announcement in game, so I suppose this was not scheduled. Probably a network issue. At the same time, the numbers on the other servers seemed to me abnormaly low, but that might have nothing to do with it.
  4. Update. Because edited posts don’t show on the overall look.
  5. [snip snip] Sorry for cutting through this, but… This was a time proposition, then I encountered an unforeseen event and saturday evening is no longer an option for me. Would saturday afternoon or sunday anytime be acceptable ? Even tonight ?
  6. Well, it can be. Or anywhere else it could be read by map lovers ! As long as it stands in its entirety with its original file name, obviously. I might publish an ulterior version if I can be better at graph theory, or if I find that some crucial information would be missing. But not too soon. Mercator didn’t make his work in one day.
  7. Hello ! The huge caves of Eden, run through on occasion for the trial of the Woodsman, seem to be among the most admired places in this world. It seems also that there is no known mapping of these caves, which are, yet, not only filled with air and mystery. So, for your pleasure and utility, and in order never to get lost again – unless willingly – here is a cartography of Eden underground territory, where lives the devouring Earth, and maybe something else. This is brought to us, at some lives cost and a few falls, by the warrior queen of the sharp blade – and p
  8. I’m very much interested ! I’m available for this on evenings and weekends. You can contact me on @Kherdia I believe I can gather 2 or 3 more interested. I’ll try to catch them.
  9. Jactari

    River Rat

    It’s more areas than precise locations. And there is no particular difficulty with the 11th marker. (As opposed to water-level bridges, in Neutropolis if I remember correctly.) But, for having done this several times, I know that even if you’re meticulous, even if you have the badge gauge open to check upon it at all times, even like this you can miss something and be mistaken. (Because of the differences with the usual badges, because of the delay between hovering the active location and the gauge being updated, and other reasons…) So I would say : swim a moment arou
  10. Windows XP SP3 32 bits, with 2 GB RAM here. And it works. (Installation, launcher and game.) So, your problem might come from elsewhere. And this system is not so very old. =) Though this nefarious ideology about getting incessant updates prevents me from playing to other good MMOs, and I’m very happy that CoH doesn’t fall into this category.
  11. That’s our precious GGPPTTs. (Golden Geared Pretty Prætorian Troop Transports for the non-connoisseurs.) Though I prefer to see them with the golden canopy. Are we building a fleet ?
  12. I posted about this precisely in the Where to Hunt defeat badges guide though I thought about posting here too. So, for solo, I believe Crimson Hunt red 50 ouroboros arc is the best choice. With a -1×8 setting. 6-19 sappers per 4 minutes run. I’ll try Operation World Wide Red again. I don’t remember how it looks like. I believe I agree with your other findings, Jacktar.
  13. Maybe not the best way, but it might help. Running on Empty – Defeat 200 Malta sappers Get from Ouroboros’ crystal the Crimson Hunt story arc (level range 50, rogue or villain alignment) with a notoriety/difficulty team size set on 8, and run through the entire map of the first mission, targetting the sappers with a keyboard shortcut or a macro ; once the map is clear of sappers, summon an Ouroboros portal, use it, quit the strike force (button in the Team window), take again the same story arc and repeat. I counted between 6 and 19 sappers per mission. Each run took me a
  14. Anyway, thanks to you for the list ! Just got the badge after winning the Freaklympics. Got Womp womp in the mean time.
  15. I can understand that you encounter them in the story arc even if you never met them beforehand. (Though I was not sure and thought it could have been like the Doc’s scene in his cell ?) But my question also stood for Rollister. He’s in a cell like the others and you don’t see him if you didn’t take care of him previously, right ?
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