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So we've all done it, we're thinking of an existing hero, but HOW on earth do you get it to work in City of Heroes? There's lots of scope for something a bit like an existing character, but you're let down by either the secondary options (maybe there are TOO MANY powers, you don't find that many in comics/movies), or some of the options don't fit (fire/ice sword/earth mallets all disappear and then you're there with bare hands on the next power, you want either a weapon or no weapon on ALL of your powers), or the powers simply don't exist : Ice Sliding, Web slinging/swinging, or don't exist in a way you want; permanent hoverboard, throwing shield, whatever.


So with all these problems, how do you make an all-encompassing system that allows players to recreate (without breaching copyright because that's important or something) existing heroes?


Here's a simple example starter;


You want to be able to determine a source for the blast,

  • Body/Worn (usually comes from hand),
  • Held Item/Object (wand, gun, book etc),
  • Manifested item (pseudopet such as a conjured book or portal).


So if you've had ideas of how things could be done BETTER in the perfect version of the game in your mind (none of this will be realised so why not eh?), what are they?

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