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I am a huge fan of detailed environments with atmosphere and intrigue in games, film and literature. Places that carry a feeling of history, and of time and place, but also of mood, tension and personality.

I have held this in mind when making my new roleplay oriented base.  I have tried to make every area have something to peak your interest or that will feature a detail that could be incorporated into your roleplay.


So I am now keen to get the base seen and experienced, to bring the players to the stage if you will and get some great stoylines going and have fun! 


My base is on Everlasting server. It is set in an old remote Tudor Mansion on The Rogue Isle.


A University for Heroes. An unfortunate location certainly, not only in location but also by name. 'Recluse High' is a School / University for heroes of all ages. Those who wish to develop their unique skills and help bring salvation, truth and justice to all of Paragon. To cleanse the streets of the filth and heal the suffering of it's people who seem to be constantly caught in the crippling grasp of terror and evil doers. The professors, teachers and fellow pupils will help you to achieve that end. 


Recluse High's gates are now open to welcome you to visit and explore the wonderful mansion and grounds. I am seeking a wide range of roleplayers. From Mad professor types, Scientists, Archaeologists, Historians, misfit pupils, teens or adults, even experienced heroes who wish to hone their skills even further, or use the universities library and amenities for their own research purposes. Magic users, Martial artists, Combat veterans. This does NOT exclude players of questionable allegiances. Villains ARE welcome to the roleplay too.  Perhaps undercover, or playing in  that grey area between being good and evil. Perhaps as a native to the mysterious lands. As The Rogue Isle has many locations that could harbour the more twisted and strange types. The starting concept is that although the school is a hero driven school, the head of the school is a villain undercover. Working with the Arachnos secretly to keep an eye on any potential heroes who may be of risk and to also groom those who may be of great use for the Arachnos cause after their studies. * This does not mean it's a villain school* As heroes are fully welcome and encouraged to play here first and foremost. I  find that it is important for roleplay to have conflict and intrigue and deception for fun to truly be had! 


Apparently the ancient Graveyard is haunted, and some say that the land itself carries some ancient terrors from a civilisation long gone. The flora and fauna seem harsh, even resentful at times. Most certainly there have been some troublesome uses of the arcane performed at the school. Rituals which have left some static in the air and a sense of being watched when one innocently navigates the halls and corridors. Not to mention the sounds of strange voices calling out late at night that echo throughout the school. Strange unexplained energy shortages during storms, and maniacal cackling heard from close to the laboratories. 


If you are keen to take a look at the base take a portal to University-5704.   You are welcome to roleplay there freeform if you wish, but if you are keen to get serious about the roleplay please consider messaging me and joining the SG so that some structure and roles can be set up to encourage some events and storyline building.  I am VERY keen for people to make use of the base and take full advantage of what it could offer your characters and storylines. 


I look forward to hearing from you! 

Parellax - Everlasting

Characters: Nancy Noruba (Student Character)  ,  Miss Blackthistle (Head Mistress)


Some Screenshots ❤️

https://imgur.com/OmG8noT - Main Gate

https://imgur.com/ubCsxZu - Arcane Library

https://imgur.com/CdWot3W - Dojo

https://imgur.com/ue9b43Q - Maze Wide View

https://imgur.com/wvrESE0 - Main Entrance

https://imgur.com/T8YBPjy - Main Entrance 2

https://imgur.com/Wvod5Cw  - Maze 

https://imgur.com/5GlXSiL - Graveyard

https://imgur.com/jb2LitW - Graveyard 2

https://imgur.com/TzAsiBg - Headmistress' Office

https://imgur.com/XLs8WpG - Main Hall

https://imgur.com/DYEr8B5 - Main Hall 2

https://imgur.com/S4y5NZk - Lobby Reception Desk

https://imgur.com/NWHotWO - Toilets

https://imgur.com/q3aa4so - Secret Villain Underground Base

https://imgur.com/7U7neGI - Secret Villain Underground Base2

https://imgur.com/6rM1p7p - Secret Villain Underground Base3

https://imgur.com/BIKy9ce - Sunken Amphitheatre 1

https://imgur.com/reu30yE - Sunken Amphitheatre 2

https://imgur.com/iw3l427 - Sunken Amphitheatre 3







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((Most awesome. I did have a look about, though no one was there. Am interested in fostering some rp from it. I cannot at this time join the guild, but can make some toons if you are in need. My idea is for one of my SG's young wards to attend it.))

Head Mistress Blackthistle,

I was made aware of your school and am very interested in it. We have a young ward that is in need of proper schooling, especially in his abilities. While we provide some training to him, our time is sparse, and none of us are actual teachers. I can see where your school would be very helpful to him. I have concerns about it's location and the safety of my ward, and would like to speak further with you on this. For obvious reasons I prefer to not name him, or even his other guardians, at this time. Please let me know when you are available and I will attempt to meet you then. 

Dr. James K. Wild, PHD

((Let me know the times you are usually on, or how to get in touch if you will. Looking forward to rp))


Paragon Vanguard
Jerrin Bloodlette
Luke Minhere
many others

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