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Question for coders out there


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Toggles at one time used to loop endlessly. I was very fond of this in those days and was pretty let down when that was removed and the toggle loop sfx was changed so that it died out. In the recent months I have been creating a lot of SFX Mods for teh community and recently decided I would take a stab at trying to bring back the endless loop for players like myself who preferred it this way. One loop in particular that I was extremely fond of was the loop that used to play for the Super Reflexes power, Practiced Brawler. However, I am 100% certain the control for this is server side, since there is no real way for me to accomplish this on client side, since even though I have full control over the actual sounds played, I have minimal control over how long they actually play for.


Is there any possible way to change this so that it loops endlessly on client side, or will this always be something that is at the mercy of the Devs on server side?

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1 hour ago, EmmySky said:

I changed the music in my SG base.  All I had to do to make it loop was add loop into the name.  So instead of spirit.ogg it got renamed spiritloop.ogg.  Maybe that will work for you?

It's already on a loop though. The name is already tagged with loop, so that wouldn't work in this case.

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30 minutes ago, MTeague said:

I make it a point never to comment on the feasiblity of code changes for programs that I have never seen and never supported.

I was just hoping there would be a way of tricking the system in to letting my files loop without fading them out. SO far, everything I have tried has been unsuccessful. I have tried changing the name of the file in question from fast7_loop.ogg to fast7loop.ogg and that was futile. I have also tried making the SFX loop longer by adding the length of the file, hoping the program that fades the loop out fades based on how many times the sound file plays rather than time played. So I made it long enough to carry over to the next Practiced Brawler recharge and again, failed miserably. The sound still faded regardless of how long I made the sound file.

So after trying these methods, I am convinced that there is nothing I can do client side to allow these loops to last rather than fade out. I even changed the SFX to Maneuvers to the SFX of Practiced Brawler, laughably, that didn't work either. Well, it sort of worked. It worked as in the sound stays wherever I was standing at the time of activation...the sound did not follow me, which makes sense because that toggle does not actually have a loop associated with it, but I had to try, heh.

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