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Pets at range


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This is mostly for MS raids? Repeatedly press 'stay' for the duration of the battle. If you have a gaming keyboard, assign 'stay' to a key and then program the key to pressed every 0.25 seconds. Set the duration to a power's recharge. For example, say you're playing /Dark and your build allows Tar Patch to recharge every 40 seconds, set the 'stay' program to run for 45 seconds with each activation. So every time Tar Patch is up, you know to repress the programmed key. I hope that makes sense.


The keyboard will auto press 'stay' 180 times in 45 seconds (At .25 sec intervals). Note that pets can still be pushed out of position by teammates and enemies. The pets will have nonstop bubbles over their heads, affirming your command to stay.

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