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Debuff sets in pvp?


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Depends if you're looking for zone, 1v1, or team arena. Poison, Rad, Therm, and Cold can work depending on the situation.

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I've found the best debuffing comes from playing the Defender AT and I concur with macskull on those debuffer sets for the current meta.


That being said, while it is fun in 1v1s, debuffing rarely beats out shear damage output in any situation. Cold domination for example drops a lot of -rech and -slow on the enemy player which is helpful if the fight goes more than 10 seconds, but by dropping infrig and benumb on an enemy player, you'll have used up 3-4 seconds animating - all the while the enemy player has likely dropped most of your hp and is looking to finish you off. Debuffs tend to work best against enemy melee ATs from my experience and in coordinated team settings. Of course nobody tends to stick around long enough to be fully debuffed by all of those powers (usually phase, tp away, or pop T9, etc) so your results may vary.


In 2v2s, you'll likely be the highest priority target, which will result in more time spent evading and less time setting up all your debuffs on a target. In zone, anything can happen. Sometimes you'll be able to cast all your debuffs and drop enough dmg to defeat an enemy player, but I found that in zones that only happens when you have a coordinated team that spikes off of those debuffs as well.

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