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Deciding as to what my last WS power pick will be.

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If the choice is explicitely between those two, Urchain Essence. It's a great tool to cycle after or between Quasar nukes with a massive disorient. Plus the concept of an exploding body is pretty radical. Not to mention Warshades are more oriented to mass killing sprees so having another AoE tool at your disposal would be ideal for your Human Warshade.


Meanwhile, Essence Drain is kinda lackluster as an ability.

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Essence Drain is kinda lackluster per activation, but it recharges fast and if slotted can become part of a single target attack rotation (and therefore, useful) and does as much base damage as Ebon Eye and Gravimetric Snare (so about par for Human form single target attacks).  The problem is that you REALLY want to be able to slot Essence Drain in order for it to be meaningfully useful to you.


Unchain Essence looks great ... until you see the cast time on it ... 3.432s Arcanatime.  Unchain Essence just isn't that fast to cast ... and you have to change $Targets in order to use it a lot of the time, and the recharge time on it is prohibitive (240s base, which is 4 minutes) so AT BEST you'd be using it once per minute, if you can spare the slots to enhance Unchain Essence.


Which then begs the question ... if you're going all Human form, how many Leadership powers are you taking?  Because, honestly, I'd prefer to take Assault before either Essence Drain or Unchain Essence, if I had only 1 power pick left and no idea what to do with it.  Maneuvers and Vengeance can mule Luck of the Gambler global recharge enhancements, and Tactics as a One Slot Wonder™ with just the Gaussian's Build Up proc is phenomenal on teams.  Heck, I'm working on Tri-Form Warshade revamp that deliberately avoids taking Hasten while still building in enough recharge to be able to perma Eclipse (with a few Force Feedback procs) that takes 4 out of 5 Leadership powers (Victory Rush is not needed) ... and that's on a Tri-Form build.  Leadership just unlocks a whole bunch of things that are useful both in and out of Human form.


Verbogeny is one of many pleasurettes afforded a creatific thinkerizer.

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Essence Drain may be lackluster, but as your only means of healing against an AV with no minion bodies left around, it's kinda necessary unless you don't plan on fighting AVs ever (which is kinda the point of playing Human-only).

When it comes down to it though, neither of those choices should be last as they both need 4+ slots.

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Well, I'm at 47, so here's my 4 options for my 47 and 49 power picks:  Essence Drain, Unchain Essence, Hover, and Tactics.  Hover is solely for a LOTG, Tactics is for Gaussian proc.  That'll leave my 48 and 50 slots for other things.   But if I took both Essence Drain and Unchain essence, I can slot them each up to 4, but nothing else I have will get slots.  

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By no means is it a final Human-Warshade build. It's just something I managed to throw together over time.


- Global Recharge - 168.75%

- Alpha - Spiritual Radial Paragon


I can consistently keep Hasten, Eclipse, and Sunless Mire permanent with 2.5 fluffy pets. I only seem to struggle on boss targets when I have no bodies around as previous posters mentioned.


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