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How do I get the Going Rogue loading screen?


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Pretty much what it says.  I figured out on my own that:


Going into Options in Tequila and...

Setting Launch Parameters to -cov

...will cause the loading and login screens to be the City of Villains versions.


But I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the Going Rogue screens.  I've tried -gr, and -rogue, but neither works.  Anyone know what it is?  I'm sure it'll make sense when I see it, but I'm having trouble guessing what it might be...


EDIT: Also not -grogue, or -goingrogue

...or -pretoria (although that seemed really unlikely)

...or even -praetoria (which would be the correct spelling, so I suppose pretoria was doomed to failure no matter what...)

...or -cor or -cogr (City of Rogues, or City of Going Rogue; I don't know I'm just spitballing here.)

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There's a thread or three about this already, but it's something like -altScreen02 (not really, but I remember the 2).

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