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Is the band still together?

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On 7/3/2020 at 1:29 AM, FourSpeed said:


You Cad!   You've ruined everything!  😉    I always thought (until now) it was "Philosophers and Lawmen".


Learned something new today...  🙂





Clearly y'all never listened to Mick Jagger?


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1 hour ago, Techwright said:

That would be the Seal of Approval?

It would indeed.  It was also an (admittedly vague) continuation of the "misunderstood lyrics" theme.




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"... And I'd kill to get away; I'd die to make my own way.  And I'd lose to celebrate;  I'd win to see the good days.  And I'll never stop the fighting, so bring to me your worst.

I'll never stop believing that I could rule the world one day ..."

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