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  1. This!!! I want to give a generic shout out to several GMs and even a couple Devs who I've interacted with (from a technical support standpoint, i.e. Telephone) on how AWESOME y'all are with acting professional and being more transparent than most professional game studios are these days. Keep up the good work! The only one who is kind of a mystery is Jimmy, can't say anything good or bad about somebody you've never interacted with. One area of improvement allowing AE and the Base-Builder to be one cross platform thing. Same file format so you can loa
  2. until
    Who? @agentx5 (@x5) and Federation of Xzianthia friends & allies from the Discord channel known as "The @DawL House"are going to be hosting this inside the @Dacy's special Halloween-themed base! You never know what super powered beings might show up to this kind of thing, so come prepared for anything! What? The categories will be: Horrifying Beautiful Monstrous Mystical The prizes will be a billion influence/infamy/information for the winner in each category, with one Overall Best winner getting >1 billion inf!!! There may be addi
  3. Good grief OVH is ridiculously expensive... Have y'all ever looked at something like Datapacket.com? That's what Discord uses to host it's servers in the USA, and it has VPN access control with DDoS protection.
  4. Oh Wow! Thanks for the compliment @Dacy, I'm happy you found our little group and enjoy you teaming with us, truly. Taking down +4/x8 against "impossible" things like Reichsman, Hamidon (in LGTF), etc with no deaths if possible is always a fun challenge, and I'm happy to protect my support teammates with all the pew-pew I can manage! For me, although I was not here on "Live" or even knew about this game then, I have had some of the most fun with this game to the point it's kind of taken over on my weekly freetime. I heard of this game (CoH) via a word-of-mouth referral fro
  5. 1. Um.... Farming with Brutes is what the vast majority of Brutes are doing, unless I'm mistaken. Of course it's been too long since we've gotten updated numbers (looking at you HC Devs!), but last time I checked it was FIRE FARM TIME for brutes the majority of the time, Fire Aura not Energy Aura. (I have one too, he's named Julius Caesius, he's a paladin basically with a massive titan weapon sword and a holy fire aura) 2. Solution for Brutes = aggro cap increase to 24? 😄 This.
  6. What if the Helions at higher levels learned new tricks like how to be Demon Summoning masterminds? 😈
  7. Alternate idea? Why not have Oroboros missions scale to whatever level the team leader is? That way scaling doesn't really matter and you can enjoy fighting whatever whenever?
  8. I don't think I've ever played with you to know where your opinion comes from, but I can accept almost all of what you said... except with but one thing I didn't see you mention @Dark Dove: aggro cap The current 17 is frustratingly too little (and HomeComing has one of the two lowest aggro caps out there), unlimited would be obscenely too much (i.e. pulling the map), but somewhere like between 24 and 32 is ideal (basically two groups, and doesn't step on the toes of controllers). And it doesn't just have to be tankers, talking global aggro cap limit; and not a huge increase eithe
  9. Um... sure? Maybe a bit too much on the %'s, and of course this would have to apply to PvE zones only, as PvP it would be used for griefing. But rewards are good! Besides not everyone can be a Veracor with vet levels OVER 9000!!! (well not yet, but he's getting there soon I'm sure). Also you still the Federation of Xzianthia $9999.98 USD for that enchantment work on the mystic green dye, not every business transaction can be paid with two pennies. And paying with Penny Yin clones would be human trafficking, which also not acceptable and illeg
  10. To be clear, before this gets derailed, this topic is simply suggesting adding a "Grandmaster of _____" all TF/SF badges currently with a "Master of _____". Not the solo-ing option. Not removing Mastery Badges, just taking level difficulty into account. Mastery = no deaths, no temps, any difficulty Grandmastery = no deaths, no temps, on +4/x8 difficulty Seeing as we essentially just did a "Grandmastery" on Lady Gray TF tonight (and that's one of the rough ones). Definitely requires some team coordination, rather than just LEEEEEEEEEROY JENKINS as the only tactic
  11. Hey heroes, vigilantes, rogues, and villains! So y'all know how there's an "Achievement" badge for Mastery, for no deaths on the team and no temp powers, yes? But if you didn't know, that doesn't take into account for the level. But that means, you can run it at +0/x1 (enemies at your level and # of enemies for 1 player), instead of +4/x8 (enemies +4 levels above the mission normally, with enough enemies for a full team of 8); and still get the "Mastery". Kind of cheesy, but it counts the same. The suggestion is leave any existing "Master of..." badges, but add a NEW set of a
  12. @Beta968 is proof of the quality of this community here on HomeComing (PS: No wonder I couldn't find your name on the forums, it's so different from Discord)
  13. That's figgin' epic! Like rocket-jumping, it might be worth keeping around
  14. Where is the spoiler tag on the forums when you need one! It's not working! Gah! This is brilliantly hilarious!
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