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  1. Hey heroes, vigilantes, rogues, and villains! So y'all know how there's an "Achievement" badge for Mastery, for no deaths on the team and no temp powers, yes? But if you didn't know, that doesn't take into account for the level. But that means, you can run it at -1/x1 (enemies -1 level below you and # of enemies for 1 player), instead of +4/x8 (enemies +4 levels above the mission normally, with enough enemies for a full team of 8); and still get the "Mastery". Kind of cheesy, but it counts the same. The suggestion is leave any existing "Master of..." badges, but add a NEW set
  2. @Beta968 is proof of the quality of this community here on HomeComing (PS: No wonder I couldn't find your name on the forums, it's so different from Discord)
  3. That's figgin' epic! Like rocket-jumping, it might be worth keeping around
  4. Where is the spoiler tag on the forums when you need one! It's not working! Gah! This is brilliantly hilarious!
  5. I think raising the global friend cap would be FAR more effective. I'm always regretting having to remove good people I met in other server shards in order to make room for a maxed-out list. It sucks.
  6. Ok cool, so I can instant level all my characters to level 50 eh? (just kidding lol 😄) No for real though this is HUGE for being able to quickly test out build theory on the beta server. Thanks for making this @xhiggy and thanks for sharing this @America's Angel ! This is a huge game changer for many of us!
  7. Good to know! Will have to change this in the tailor on a few characters like Sabra Raja in the images above. True that, it's human. For example, everything I wanted in a cyborg hero character could be found in the Arachnos Soldier. I just flat out ignore the "Arachnos" part of it and he's simply a soldier with no logos or anything having to do with Arachnos. Good team buffs, good debuffs, and decent damage & toughness. Often times I could care less about the name of a power, and more about how it appears or sounds to myself & others. A shotgun power could b
  8. No. Where the heck do you do that? Was this recently added or something? And does it stop the annoying grunting sounds made whenever you hit jump?
  9. While there's a ridiculous off-topic debate going on over English spelling... Am I the only one that prefers the sounds and animations of Ninja Run over the standard gruntings? (it sounds especially silly on female characters, IMHO If this new [Infiltration] allows me to drop [Ninja Run] then I'm all for it. Those backflips and lunges look really cool with dual blades. Don't want to lose that...
  10. until
    Every hero (or villain) has an origin. What's yours? Can your description shed insight into that costume, name, and origin? Let's find out! Who? Hosted by myself (@x5 on Queen Alyssa Q'Uzixola of Xzianthia) and DawL (@VuDu DawL). Should have other helpers too (hopefully!) What? 5 Best in Category Origin ( Technology, Science, Natural, Mutation, and Magic ) where the following will be judged based on BOTH: Backstory : up to the 1023 character limit in the biography. We will be reading these and considering how it fits the visual costume! Costume : creativity fo
  11. @Cipher it's been over year now, would be be able to see the updated data for March 2021? Pretty please?
  12. But does this look (animations) and sound (whoosh-whoosh not a loud HUP! HUP! HOOAH! UUUGH!) like [Ninja Run]? Because that's what I loved most about Ninja Run, how quiet it was and how cool it looks when doing jumps and backflips and such. Same thing goes for Beast Run... I've got a dragon character and while I could just use only fly on him, sometimes it's fun to have him run on all fours.
  13. And don't forget the Force Feedback chance for +100 recharge too!
  14. My experience has been the polar opposite. My main character is a blaster, and I regularly run with an experienced Warshade (Conventus) that also has a lot of experience tanking (pulling mobs into tight groups while be insanely survivable). I can't tell you how many times the warshade has used [Shadow Slip] to force a pile of enemies onto my AoE DoT patches or right as I'm charging up a nuke. It's a hell of a rush to be preparing up a Build-Up boosted [Inferno] and a pile of enemies warp right into it before you fire it off. If only there was a way to see the utter shock & surprise on
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