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Stealth for Stalkers

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My understanding is that, in PvP, there is value in layering additional stealth on Hide, for stalkers.  Do multiple stealth IOs stack, or just one and then I have to go the Concealment pool?  Can I be functionally invisible as a stalker, or are builds with some +perception going to see me no matter what?

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Hi 🙂


1) Stealth IO are mutually exclusive


2) imagine stealth in pvp as a continous challenge between the perception of people agaisnt your PVP stealth level : if you have a 500 range stealth someone without +perception will not see you till mélée range : 500 being the basic perception.


3) Stalker Hide only provide Godlike Stealth in PVE due to his MAG of 150 but in pvp, only "radius" count.


As everything in PVP, all is about Cap :


Here is my Stalker in RV :



If Heroes have more perception than my stealth they will spot me as if i had no stealth at all.


So to answer your question : Yes you have to use stealth tool in PVP as a stalker to be as hide as possible and yes people with +perception stacked can see you : all depends of the range they see you, if they detect you when the Backstab is already launched, it's too late 😛


Stalkers must be quick and smart : you can Backstab with ease someone focusing something / someone else even if he should see you.

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Pfft. EIther I have perfect stealth or I'm the only one who doesn't - I never see anyone else in the zones. 😉


I will add there are sometimes other ways to detect a stalker, if you're *really* paying attention - and in water. Characters still leave ripples. But again... really have to pay attention.  Most people don't.


I seem to recall the basic stacking was - hide +1 stealth IO +stealth. I *think,* but don't 100% recall, that "grant invisibility" and/or the base item buff would also stack. But those are time limited.


(As a side note, I did have people wondering how I could "see" them on occasion on non +per characters. Generally... from standing in the water and being aware of ripples. Stealth doesn't help with that. But most people also don't pay *attention* to things like that.)


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