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Captain Falcon Build?


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The smoothness of his fighting style is a bit more Street Justice. Plus kicks, too. Maybe /Fire? Might be too much fire.


I guess mighty judgement will be the closest thing you'll get to Falcon Punch.

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Sadly not much in the way of a Falcon Punch.  Power Thrust seems like one of the only attacks that might have the launch power but you'd have to be a Blaster to get that and Falcon, as he is in Super Smash Bros, is nothing like a Blaster.


I would think your best bet would be Street Justice/Super Reflexes Scrapper to have the sort of power and speed he's known for and Crushing Uppercut could be a stand in for the punch, plus Rib Cracker can be the knee as well.  Still left without Falcon Kick; Spring Attack might work for that but that would require some extra investment in Leaping you may not want.  Take Super Speed or Speed of Sound for your travel for sure though SoS may be less thematic as Falcon isn't known for teleporting, unless you consider Jaunt more of a rapid sprint/dash.  If you want to consider it, Flurry from the Speed pool could also fill in for his rapid jab.  Leadership would also be fitting as Falcon is popular and somewhat charismatic if you remember the anime from ages ago.  Reactive Interface to fill in the lack of fire attacks.

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Hm, been awhile....perhaps energy melee?  Back in the pre-issue 13 days Energy Transfer was fast punch that swung in arc with the fist glowing, definitely would have been Falcon Punch.  Post ish 13 energy transfer wouldn't work for Falcon Punch but possibly one of the other attacks from that set.


Other wise,  Street Justice melee, super reflexes, reactive interface, Mighty Judgement T4 core. Slot up Crushing Uppercut and ribcracker, Super speed for travel, also flurry and hasten.

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