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"Texture resolutions are hardcoded into the game"... can you do something about this?

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Removing (or, at least giving this restriction a larger slack) would give modders an easier time give us better-looking costume pieces.


Now, I won't presume to know the first thing about coding and I don't know the side effects this would have on the jenga on fire that is the game's code... but in the slightest possibility this was feasible, consider it perhaps?


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4 hours ago, SeraphimKensai said:


No, I don't think removing textures all together will fix it.




Serious answer, I think something like that would be a fairly large undertaking for the game to recognize and use it. I wouldn't argue with it - I'd love the game to look better and have them be able to update it - but it's not something I'd hold my breath on.


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