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I need help with putting powers to a concept

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I apologise if this is in the wrong place, let me know if it is and I'll delete it.


I've decided to re-imagine my original CoH character, from back in the faaaaaaar distant year of 2004, she was originally a crippled person in a power suit that everyone thought was a robot, she was named Violet Drone and she was a Martial Arts / Super Reflexes Scrapper, though admittedly I didn't really like SR, it felt... well... crap.

Anyway, this iteration is Violet's AI robo-daughter, Blitz Bunny!  I plan to use her as a Scrapper like her mother, but I'm torn on what powers to use!  She's high octane, agile, 100% machine.


I've tried Martial Arts and Staff Fighting, both are awesome visually, and I've tried Super Reflexes (it's still a bit pants, but I'm only lvl 6).


All input is greatly received!

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Savage Melee - fast animations and goes well with the 'Blitz' theme.

Bio armor with minimal fx - swarms of nanites constantly repairing, adjusting and attacking enemies.


My $0.02


I tried out Bio Armour animations just now, it would be cool if the Minimal FX spread to all the powers but alas you still end up with big bio-chunks on a few of them.  :(


Energy Aura is fantastic and dodge-y, and very tech-friendly for conceptualization.  It's probably my favourite Defense set.


With Energy Aura being dodge-y does it suffer in similar ways to Super Reflexes?


How is Electric Armour?  It looks like it could fit conceptually but it also looks really endurance heavy.

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Energy Aura is better than Super Reflexes, in my opinion, since it isn't limited to just Defense, but also has Recovery and even minor Healing.  It fills in the massive gaps which exist in Super Reflexes without really losing much of the Defense.


Electrical Armour is similar; like Fiery Aura but with less offensive capacity in exchange for better variety.

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