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Chilling Embrace: Any Good?


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I recently rerolled an Ice/Fiery Dominator I used to main on live to a Fire/Icy Dom. This is the first time I've really had a chance to look at the new Chilling Embrace.


Chilling Embrace now has the following stats:


Updated to 15 ft radius.

  • -Recharge: 50%
  • -RunSpeed: 50%
  • -Damage: 14%
  • 8.58 Cold Damage / tick


I feel like the synergy with Hot Feet is obvious. Chilling Embrace has a smaller radius (15 vs 20ft) and does roughly half as much damage as Hot Feet, but free pulsing damage is free pulsing damage.


My question is more around the -Damage. That would scale down against +3 enemies to around 60% strength or so, so is actually about -8.4% damage. However, building strategically, I could combine that with Sleet. Since Sleet debuffs resistance by 30% (~22% versus +3s), I figure the final -Damage number is around -10%.


My takeaway from this:

  • This is pretty good on a Dom who will play in melee anyway (Ice, Fire, maybe Electric)
    • Does this power damage sleeping enemies? I seem to recall that it is an oddball and does not. If I remember right, when damage was added to this power players complained it broke their builds that relied on sleep and a flag was put in to only damage un-asleep enemies. This would seem to make it more useful for Electric and Mind, but my mind may be playing tricks on me.
  • Worth it on other Doms?
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I run it on my fire/ice dom in conjuction with hotfeet and it works out nicely.  I slot it as a damage aura and the damage mitigation is just a bonus.  Chilling embrace isn't too end heavy itself (better than mud pots) but hotfeet is such a hog that it's difficult to run both without something like cardiac or ageless.


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