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Acting like Gravity control is wind powered?


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23 hours ago, Paragon Vanguard said:

Great Idea! Try to color the power to fit what you would think is wind, and go from there. Maybe make some emotes so people know you are using wind and not gravity. 

And maybe an OOC note in your bio.


You could certainly do something IC in your bio as well, but something explicit and OOC might be more noticeable.

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  • Lead Game Master

Absolutely. Never get held down by what a power is called or is "supposed to be".
If it looks like something else, and you feel good head canoning it as that, Go for it!

I have used minimal effect mystic flight as a tech suit thrust (because I wanted a free cosmetic tech teleport too)
Ninjitsu as dimensional shifting
Dark as sand
Stone as ice
Energy font as souls

Just don't be held back in your creativity.

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