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Need help with a /bio concept.


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OK, I have been mulling this idea in my head for a bit. I originally made the character as a SJ/Bio and then parked it. I am not sure why. Maybe it was because I was trying out SJ on a tank. It could be Altitist.


Anyways this is the bio of the character and a few pictures.


Damn scientists! I was a person once. I had goals and dreams. College, career and maybe I would settle down with a nice guy or girl. Instead I got kidnapped and experimented on. I have no idea what they were trying to do to me or what they hoped to turn me into. They injected me with some sort of biological material and turned me into a monster. What kind of monster you ask? Just look at me. Take a good look! I hope you have a good memory, because tomorrow I might change into something else or it could happen five minutes from now. My form is unstable and it keeps changing. I think they tried to stick too many things into me and now my body doesn't know what it wants to stick with. I will probably die a horrible death as my body melts down into some sort of primordial biological goo. Until then, I will continue trying to hunt down the bastards who did this to me and make sure they die screaming. Until that day comes, I will do my best to make sure no one else suffers what I have.






Fish Monster.PNG


I am not totally tied to /bio, but it seemed the obvious choice.

I have tried Rad/, Spines/ and DM/ along with a Stone/ brute on the test server at level 22 with level 25 IOs.


I was not too happy with the survivability of spines.


From the bio and pictures, what sets stand out to you?

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Are you asking for help picking a primary?

I'd go Dark Melee, as she's just a regular person without special training. DM is just taking swings at people, and it occasionally steals energy from foes. You can make the particles match your Bio colors pretty well. 

Otherwise Psi or Fire Melee, but all three go with "die a horrible death as my body melts down into some sort of primordial biological goo"

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