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Halloween Tip missions

Shuma Gorath

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Not sure if this is a bug, so apologies if this is intended by design. The Halloween Tip missions appear to be dropping at a miniscule rate. And by miniscule I mean doing likely over 1000 ToT doors (and counting) in PI with a group and the tip mission dropping only once. This was on the first day of the event, Oct 6th. Repeated group ToT runs since Oct 6th have yielded nothing. Also. tried solo and did about 122 doors and gave up. Just checking to see if anyone else is getting this.

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This happened to me last year - I was surprised to find the tip mission actually appeared in my list of tips after deleting another tip mission without realizing it. It seems to drop normally if you team up, in my experience as well.

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On 10/8/2020 at 2:19 PM, MetalSiryn said:

There's Halloween Tip Missions?

With Badges depending on what side you are on.

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