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New Player - Howdy!


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Well, I should say new to this server. Played quite a bit back in the day. Been looking for servers for years. Gave up after a while. Imagine my surprise!

I make this post here because I intend to be almost exclusively on Everlasting and I'm trying to brainstorm some lore for a new character.

I want to continue playing my old CoH toon, but don't know if that's just "dwelling in the past" or if I should take a fresh start with a new character and new story. 

Honestly, I'm just glad to be here. And I look forward to meeting all of you and learning about your characters and stories 😄

Will reply to this thread once I figure out what I'm going for.

There aren't words for how stoked I am right now *bounces in chair*

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Hi!  Welcome to home!

You have 1000 slots.  Do both!   Make new character with new stories and old characters continuing old story.   And then make new characters with old stories and old character with new story and everyone in between and just keep going and going!

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Welcome Home, @OsmiumCoconut!

We're happy to have you join us!

There are a number of threads in this forum which may be helpful for you in getting in touch with other roleplayers.  If you have any specific questions, I would be happy to help, and I'm sure there are many other players who would be too.  You can find many of us in this forum, or in-game.  The "OOC" Global Channel is pretty well populated and sees regular activity.  Granted, sometimes members are just distracted or focusing on other activities, so feel free to send private Tells to anyone in the channel who you catch with a star next to their name.  They're an Operator, and can provide additional help.

Hope to see you soon!

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Do what Patti said! There's no wrong way to RP and no one complains about people playing their characters from Live. 


For Lore, I'd recommend scourging through Paragonwiki or plunging through the old story arcs and contacts of the game. That first content has a lot of basework for many of the villain groups of the game with details on what they do, who they work for, etc. 


Remember, you can always make up your own villains too but it's generally a good idea to get the Basic Lore down so no one laughs at you or disowns your entire family or something.


Number one rule tho is to just have fun ofc. If you ever want to run content together or RP blueside just hit me up!

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I'm so late to the party!

Welcome back!

I've recreated a few characters from live, however most my RP people from live aren't around, so I've had more success with newly created characters. I've run across lots of people who have recreated their live characters and had been able to pick up where they left off, more or less.


It's also fun, sometimes, to create a character from an alternate reality, where everything can just be slightly off. Say Ms Liberty was never born, so Longbow was never formed? And then walk around in perpetual confusion wondering who this Ms. Liberty is and why are those red and white people running around with guns and flame throwers?


Huh. I might do that.

Midnight Thorn, Overlord of Ivory Tower.  (Everlasting)

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