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5 BILL CC "Monsters Under the Bed" on Sat, Oct 31st at 5pm ET! Hosted by Cosmic Council


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Hey, Excelsior! The Cosmic Council SG is back with another 5 BILLION INF Costume Contest!

On October 31st (HALLOWEEN) at 5:00pm ET in Kalisti Wharf, we're hosting a CC themed "The Monsters Under the Bed!" We've had two other great 5 Billion CC's this year, and we can't wait to see what you come up with this time!


For more info and discussion about the event, visit our dedicated Costume Contest channel on Discord! https://discord.gg/fAwtGg4

Date: October 31st (Halloween)
Time: 5:00pm ET

Theme: "Monsters Under the Bed!"

Location: Kallisti Wharf

1st Place - 1.5 Billion Inf
2nd Place - 1.25 Billion Inf
3rd Place - 1 Billion Inf
4th Place - 500 Million Inf
5th Place - 250 Million Inf
5 Honorable Mentions - 100 Million Inf each


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Caddoch of Helios, Caddon the Lifegiver, Caddryo

The Cosmic Council

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CC RESULTS! Thank you all for coming and making today such a great event.  There were so many awesome costumes. Hope you enjoyed the event and enjoy the pics!

1st Place (1.5 Billion & Purple Set): Grendlin
2nd Place (1.25 Billion): Mictlantekuhtli
3rd Place (1 Billion): Giant Cicada

4th Place (500 Million): Childhood's End

5th Place (250 Million): Direa
Honorable Mention (100 Million): Foot Snatcher

Honorable Mention (100 Million): Dusterror

Honorable Mention (100 Million): Deathgrimm

Honorable Mention (100 Million): Hook Hand

Honorable Mention (100 Million): Hobbes's Leviathan


Be sure to drop by our Discord to stay updated on future events! https://discord.gg/DVksJ4N



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Caddoch of Helios, Caddon the Lifegiver, Caddryo

The Cosmic Council

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I am always so mind-blown by the creativity I see, especially in CCs! It was a pretty big turnout, and so much fun. Monster Mash bombarded the chat channel with funny Halloween 'dad' jokes LOLOL.




this poor zombie fiance.....all she had left of her beloved was his heart




well, well, well...how about giving me a ring sometime




All the costumes were awesome, but THIS one blew me away. One of the best I have ever seen, even on live. 'Giant Cicada'....battle cry is SKREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! lolol



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y0Y5yFQ.png Forever grateful to be back in my city!
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