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Mud Pots or Quicksand?


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I have an Earth/Earth Dom on the go and I was wondering which I should take.  Quicksand is a T-AoE 90% slow, so is handy, but Mud Pots is a PBAoE damage aura toggle, with a 50% slow.  I wonder if Earthquake kind of makes Quicksand less of a need.


Any input would be helpful. 

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Mud Pots.
More damage is always good.
More -Slow on a character with a ranged AoE Immobilize is... superfluous. I mean, it's auto hit and will affect Bosses immediately, but still, it's not worth it. So the -Def... okay, the -Def is good, but I'm not sure when it's useful. You will generally open with Earthquake for the knockdown and -ToHit to slow the return alpha, and that gives -Def. Then you follow with Stalagmites, which will give additional -Def, and Stone Cages to prevent dazed wandering. That also does -Def. So while Quicksand may be nice in a powerset that doesn't have other sources of -Def or in an APP, Earth Control does -Def with almost everything, so... it's superfluous in the set.

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I have not played Earth/Earth, but I have never been thrilled with PBAoE toggles on my Dominator. Aside from performance, they always seem to require a lot of slots to make worthwhile. On the flip side, the options for slotting are somewhat wider.


I am a fan of (area) targeted Slows, especially when they come early in a career. Being able to place them where desired is important to me, and the utility of the power doesn't really change as the game progresses.

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Both. They do different things. Aside from the previously mentioned -def, you can place Quicksand if (say) you're expecting an ambush - not only will it slow them down and give a nice bit of -def, but because the front mobs are slowed first, it'll bunch them up as they come in for AOE goodness, which both you, solo, and the rest of your team can appreciate.  (Though, to me, it's more of a "take now" than mud pots.)


Earth/earth? Drop QS, volcanic (keeping them there longer,) then head in with pots for damage. (Or, given the upcoming teleport changes, drop them all under you and yoink the enemies around you straight into them en masse.)

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I tried to combine Circle and DE, but all I got were garden variety evil mages.

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