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[Bug Report] Dual-Box Quirk


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***Tested on Catalina


So I decided to test out dual boxing real quick and ran into an interesting issue. Making sure to have the appropriate setting checked, I double clicked the Play button (because it works that way) and waited for the first one to load. It didn't let me interact right away as I had to manually bring it to focus (it appeared to be waiting for the other instance to fully launch). Finally, it let me login and load an alt. Went to launch my 2nd account and even WITH the window in focus, it won't let me do ANYTHING except click things or delete the contents of the input boxes. It absolutely refused new input. I tried launching them one at a time, no change.


I tried launching two different Types of games (Beta, Pre, Live) and That worked fine, even though I clicked them right after another.


I then tried launching one account and waited until it was fully in the game before launching a second instance and absolutely no issue.


Takeaway: One at a time and WAIT until you get to the Map before launching another instance.


Thoughts behind the issue: I 'think' the game/emu doesn't like the same actual file being accessed like this for some reason. The different game type test likely worked because (I believe) they're using separate application files, so less likely to confuse the variables in memory. Again, a guess.

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