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More ways to get to Praetoria


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      As of lately I began to hunt down badges, and eventually I came against the ones to be earned in Praetoria.


      Thus fat the only way I know to get to Praetoria from blue or red side is thru the tunnel system, and the choices are very limited, besides the tunnel system is not nearly as practical as the base transporters.


      So as a QoL, could bases have the means to go to the three Praetorian zones, please?


       As a secondary wish list, would be for bases to have teleports to Abyss, Hive, Ouroboros, and Cimerora.


Thank you



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I sometimes use the ouro system to get to Nova, Imperial & Neutropolis. 

You can use the gateways located just underneath the train stations in Atlas , Talos, Founders. There is also a gateway next to the ferry in Peregrine. 

Another ways is to use your base to go to Night Ward. There is a gateway behind you and just to your right.

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