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Pressing right mouse button moves my character forward


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6 minutes ago, Doomguide2005 said:

I might look at resetting my key binding

I'm not sure. I didn't alter my key binding. Maybe accidentally? If that's the case, the change should be permanent. 

The issue (technically) resolves itself, since the control always reverts after a few second. It occasionally reappears and it's annoying. 

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12 minutes ago, huang3721 said:


I think that was the problem. Thanks 🙂. I can't replace my faulty mouse right now, so I set MouseChord "+forward_mouse" to "nop". 

I think I have spent too long in tech support and playing this game to be able to help solve the issue through a forum post! 😉 

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Good old Mouse Chord. I forgot the term, but thought that was the issue.

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