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Subtlely buff your favorite build

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Swap ammo know changes the full amount of damage to given damage type instead of just a portion of it.  Goodbye lethal damage. 

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Regeneration (because after years of being perpetually nerfed, let's throw them a bone, lol):


- Regeneration, Recovery, and Recharge Debuff Resistances in Fast Healing, Quick Recovery, and Resilience.

- All versions of Revive become Second Wind.

- Quick Recovery gets a 20% +Recharge buff (not so subtle).

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Poison: Remove the reduced value on the AoE portion of envenom and weaken to hit full strength to anything in the, still small, 8 ft radius.


Storm: Change Tornado to a knockdown without an IO slot. Thunderclap: mag 3 stun.


Thermal: Make Thaw an AoE buff

Empathy: Make Clear Mind an AoE buff

Sonic Resonance: Make Clarity an AoE buff

Pain Dom: Enforced Morale as an AoE buff


Traps: Triage Beacon follows you like FFG, Time Bomb is placed instantly and the power can be reactivated to detonate early.


Electrical Blast: Voltaic Sentinel - Pet stacks, reduced summoning animation.

Soni c Attack: Howl, Shockwave, Sirens Song - change all 3 to PBAOEs

Assault Rifle: Ignite - reduce animation by half.


Illusion Control: Spectral Terror - deals damage


Fiery Aura, Dark Armor, gains Mag 3 knockback protection.

Currently on fire.

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