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Overseers no longer counting toward Visionary badge


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On Live, my villain Moondream has 20 points of progress toward the Visionary badge:




However, on beta (Release Candidate 2), all his progress has been lost, though he should now have 20*5 = 100 points of progress toward the new version of the Visionary badge:




To test whether the progress was actually still there but just not showing up for some reason, I Null the Gull'd him into a Rogue (he's a villain in both the above screenshots), took him to the Shadow Shard, and beat up an Overseer and an Observer. This resulted in only one point of progress toward the badge:




The point of progress only appeared after defeating the Observer - nothing changed when I defeated the Overseer. So it appears that on test, defeating Overseers no longer counts toward this badge.


In case it's relevant somehow, he defeated most or all of those 20 Overseers in the Shard while Null the Gull'd into a Rogue on Live, as well. (And apparently just LFG-teleported right into the Shard, since he didn't even have Cause for Concern!)

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Just tested myself in Firebase Zulu. I can confirm, it appears that the point costs for the Visionary badge defeats are definitely wrong.


  • Watchers (minions) count for 2 points (should be 1)
  • Observers (lieutenants) count for 1 point (correct)
  • Overseers (bosses) count for 0 points (should be 5)

Tested some of the new defeat badges as well.

Brass Hunter seems fine: 1 point per Jaeger, Gewehr Jaeger, Werfer Jaeger


Green Machine seems fine: 1 point per Warhulk.


Brute Forced seems fine: 1 point for minions, 1 point for lieutenants, 5 points for Bosses


Winged Nuisance seems fine: 1 point for both the minion and lieutenant Natterling variants.


Running on Empty seems fine: 1 point per Sapper


Assault and Battery seems fine: 1 point per Super Stunner, per life.


Unable to test Womp Womp at this time.

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On 11/24/2020 at 7:05 PM, Faultline said:

Can anyone confirm if this is present on live?

This does appear to be bugged on live as well. Just tested; Killed one of each class of enemy and the badge progress (which I had none of before this test) is at 3, which matches the report above. 

Overseer badge.png

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Well, Moondream now has his progress toward the badge restored just as you say (100/500, which is what it should be since he hasn't killed any more since the last time I copied him over). However, a new bug may have been introduced. It appears that Overseers now count double toward this badge (10 points each); also, Watchers still count double (2 points each). Below is Moondream's resulting badge progress after defeating one of each kind of Sentry in Firebase Zulu:





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