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More options in the some of the default popmenus


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I think these should be pretty easy suggestions to add. I would've added them myself, except I can't find where these popmenus are defined in the files.


First, in the menu that appears when you right-click on another player, I would love to have the option to get that player's Global Name, like you can by left clicking on their name in chat.


Second, it would be great if every kind of popmenu that appears when you right-click on an NPC had an option to open the Info window. Now, it's true that a lot of NPCs don't actually have any info for the window to display. Random civilians on the street only have the Follow option when right-clicked, for example, and store NPCs have only Follow and Chat, the latter of which is the same as left-clicking them. However, I see these same popmenus all the time on NPCs that do have perfectly valid data for the Info window, like NPC allies in missions, and the new combat-enabled trainers. It seems like it should be easy to add an option for /info to these popmenus; the worst it can do if you click on it is nothing, and there's already plenty of that when you click the Chat option when it's in the popmenu seemingly for no reason.


@Jimmy, @Faultline, any chance of this in the next patch?

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