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Zone Event Timers


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This is a QoL


As mentioned in another suggestion, I am a badge hunter, and of course responding to zone events means acquiring badges.


The problem I have is that I have no idea when any given zone event happens, until the alarm goes off, making it very hard to organize groups in anticipation.


It would be nice, if I could just go to the zone, and an event timer pops of to the side telling me how soon for the alarm event to happen in that zone, something similar to Paladin in KR when you enter the area it spawns. Or go to an information booth, and get the timing there.


Thank you



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I like the sound of the information kiosk to find out when the next event would be, though would need to work on the phrasing a bit since several events are the sort of thing you'd stop ahead of time if you knew it would be coming. Guess it could be "We've heard rumors the Hellions are planning their next arson target in X neighborhood in Y (rounded off, not down to the second) minutes, maybe you can patrol the area and see if you could stop them (don't make it actually possible to stop them)". Can swap out for super troll rave or other events, but try to give the illusion that they don't have the event on an exact timer and aren't okay with it happening.

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Most of the events do exactly what you describe for Paladin when you get into the area as it is. (I can't think of any that don't, right offhand. The Praetoria ones do, Zig breakout, Paladin... maybe raves and steel canyon fires don't, but those come up pretty frequently.)


Are you considering GM spawns "events" as well? Those definitely don't have timers visible on them. (And for those, the fires and raves, I'm kind of torn between "yeah, throw a timer on the kiosk" and "but you shouldn't "in character" know when these will happen." Though you "shouldn't" know when a breakout or Paladin rampage is, either.)


... hmm. Yeah. So, balance between "why do I know this IC" and "badge hunting!" - maybe a slash command? /zoneevent or something similar that will reply with what event(s) are in zone and any time left to spawn?

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