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Allow all current level 54 enemies to go to level 55.


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If you play a +4 mission at level 45, you'll see a mix of level 49 and level 50 enemies.

If you play a +4 mission at level 49, you'll see a mix of level 53 and level 54 enemies.

If you play a +4 mission at level 50, you'll only see level 54 enemies.


Why are we making level 50 play a little easier than the rest of the game?


Allow level 55 enemies, so that a level 50/+4 mission will give you a mix of +4 and +5 enemies, just like +4 missions do for the entire rest of the range of the game.


You wouldn't have to create any new enemies or change their powers.

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1 hour ago, Razor Cure said:

It makes sense but..what about level shifts? +1, those level 55 mobs will 'only' be +4 again (no +5s). Even more so if you are in DA and fighting at 53.

I'm not proposing a change there.  Just like at level 49, with a level shift, you'd be fighting +3's and +4's, under this scheme at 50, with a level shift, you'd be fighting +3's and +4's (instead of just +3's).

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52 minutes ago, Apparition said:

From what I understand, the engine literally cannot handle anything above level 54.  The best it can do is 54+1, 54+2, 54+3, etc.

There may be some work to extend some tables, and of course the level 54 limit may be implicit in lots of places, but there's no fundamental reason why the system is unable to handle 55's.  Like, exactly how much work is it?  Don't know.  Is it impossible?  It's surely not.

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6 hours ago, Krimson said:

I bet the farmers would love this. 😄

You can actually run +5 through using huge negative numbers with the slash command for reputation. It won't give you level 55 enemies, of course, but farmers should be fighting at the lowest level at which they retain their set bonuses and incarnates anyway, as the mobHP:playerDamage equations get better for the player the lower you go (personally, I fight at level 47).

I don't remember the command, and for the life of me I can't find the topic in Bug & Reports. It was from a few months ago.

The purple patch starts to hit you hard at +5 (+4 really, but we're assuming a level shift), so I don't know how efficient it would be ultimately. For AFK farming, probably not worth it. But it might make sense for active farmers who clear their instance in ~3 minutes anyway.

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