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Soul Mastery Animations


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The Tentacles on Soul Mastery are white.  They always have been.  Used to annoy me years ago.  Annoying me again.  I am running Dark/Dark/Soul and I have used every trick in the Facemaker book to get the look I want.  But Soul Mastery, even colored black/black....has big white tentacles all over the screen.  Could we get a no tentacle option like on midnight grasp?

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I agree with this, but also would like to see more proliferation of animations. Such as allowing the Soul mastery variants on regular Darkness attacks (such as Gloom) and Mu variations on Electric attacks (especially Static Discharge and Ball Lightning)

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11 hours ago, Onlyasandwich said:

I would love the noir options for gloom and tentacles. It's an awesome pool, but I don't always want to shoot skulls!

I thought there were some non-skull options in there?  I made a Dark toon sometime back and only took them to like 30, but I do seem to recall that option in the costume creator.  It wasn't labeled that, but...


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while we are on it.....i took Spectral radial flawless interfacwe.  i do love a theme


when the immob proc happens...ice....blinks.  wtf?   where are the tentacles?  really, ice?  are you trying to just randomly assign side effects?

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