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I don't remember the build I used while leveling mine up as it's been about a year since I hit 50 on it. I did not skip Build Up, though, I remember that. Placate, in the long run for sure, is skippable. Actually, I don't think I used it at all on this one. I remember using Jacob's Ladder up until about 20 and them spec'd out of it (didn't like it and other attacks are much better for AOE), but took the other powers in Electric Melee (except Placate).  In Shield, the only power I didn't take was Grant Cover. One With the Shield I only use for an IO mule.


I know this isn't much since it's been so long since I leveled mine, but I hope it's at least a couple of good notes for you. Good luck with this combo and prepare to become the eletrical outlet for all those mobs carry forks trying to stick you... coz you're gonna become Electric Death to them (love this set!)

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I never take placate on stalkers since the fast AS change. I also wouldn't skip grant cover as it has some good defense debuff resistance in it. Definitely take build up but you can one slot it with gaussian proc and skip recharge if you need a slot since one of the ATO procs will recharge it. Can't help on a leveling build as I only do a final build and throw substitute crappy IOs while leveling. Should be something useable around though since it's a popular combo.

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On 12/24/2020 at 10:53 PM, Veelectric Boogaloo said:

throw substitute crappy IOs while leveling.

Yeah this is me, too.  Of course I do put in some key IOs that help a lot.  So both +def uniques of course, and some of the ones in Health and Stamina to help with endurance management.  Other than that it tends to be just whatever.  At whatever point I can spare the slots I'll probably start in on adding some regen bonuses and uniques as well since there's no heal in the set.

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