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Make some of the Dual Pistols models BIGGER.

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Ok, so the default is supposed to be a Desert Eagle, what have you.  And the original Magnum model is full size, fair enough.  But then, when you go to the actual S&W Model 29 Magnum, aka the DIRTY HARRY GUN, those guns look WAY smaller, even when you then go to the Navy Colt revolver.  Those gun models need to be made somewhat bigger in line with the other pistol models IMHO.  Just saying it looks a bit weird.

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actually could we make every gun model a slightly different size, that way anyone who wants to have a big or small gun can have the size of gun they desire


Having big/small options for weapons would be sick


yeah, it'd be cool if we could have a powerset where we used really big guns or really big swords instead of the small guns and small swords

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